LED lighting solutions for hotels and resorts

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A clever positioning and pointing of the lighting fixtures in an alternation of light and dark and plays of light are all factors that contribute to recreate a captivating space.

The lighting with LED technology, using high quality projectors, presents countless benefits that consist of energy savings, lower managmet costs, in the life cycle longer than traditional products.

The first impact that a new customer has when enter in a Hotel, a Resort, a Bed and Breakfast or a Villa for events is what he will remember for a long time influencing the judgment.

It is fundamental, therefore, that the premises are welcoming and cared for, but equally important that the lighting has been realized accurately.

A designed lighting allows to highlight the architecture of the areas, facilitating the guest's wellbeing and contributing to the overall satisfaction of the client, who will stay in a more pleasant way in the rooms, perceiving a higher level of satisfaction.

The correct lighting, which takes into account the specific criteria that assess the necessary level of lighting, also contributes to a better functionality of the spacess themselves for the benefit of the business economy.
The research carried out by LED ITALY, a leading company in the production and marketing of LED projectors in close collaboration with companies producing semiconductor diodes and semi-finished products, has allowed the creation of products dedicated to the Hospitality sector with precise characteristics of brightness and chromaticity targeted to the enhancement of different environments in an appropriate way.

The correct lighting of the bedrooms, the breakfast room or the restaurant, the common areas and the reception rooms requires the use of projectors with LED sources of specific chromaticity, optimized to enhance the furnishings and the architectural space.

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