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The correct lighting of work palces plays a decisive role in the field of safety for the people who work there, contributing considerably to increasing their quality of life in the workplace.

A properly illuminated space, in which people can easily move or work both during the day and night, regardless of external lighting, ensures greater production efficiency of the company's workforce.

Compliance with the requirements of optimal lighting values ​​at production sites must however be reflected in the need to contain lighting costs in general. The need to reduce downtime and maintenance costs of the plants find a decisive response in the application of the correct LED technology.

The lighting of production sites, storage warehouses, laboratories, workshops and production units using projectors and lighting fixtures with LED technology has become a reality thanks to the use of state-of-the-art solid-state light sources optimized for the specific use of the sector industrial.

The research carried out by LED ITALY, a leading company in the production and marketing of LED lighting fixtures in close collaboration with semiconductor diode manufacturing companies, has allowed the creation of products dedicated to the industrial sector characterized by very high light efficiency ratios, equal to 160 lumen / Watt and therefore suitable for the replacement of traditional systems equipped with metal halide lamps or sodium vapors.

The products in the catalogue have precise characteristics of brightness and chromaticity perfectly targeted to the correct lighting of production spaces, even in installations in large work places, with positioning up to 12 meters from the ground.

The possibility of modulating the light beam together with a wise management of the chromaticity will greatly contribute to the optimization of the lighting of the working spaces.

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