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The research carried out by LED ITALY, a leading company in the production and marketing of LED lighting fixtures and in close collaboration with companies producing semiconductor diodes and semi-finished products, has allowed the creation of products dedicated to the Office lighting sector with precise brightness characteristics and chromaticity.

LED lighting has been emerging in recent years in a decisive and predominant way in the Office Lighting world. Energy savings, also linked to greater attention to the environment, lower management costs, a longer life cycle compared to a traditional product, are all key factors in the exponential growth of LED lighting, but they are not the only positive aspects.

The correct lighting of the spaces realized with the use of high quality LED projectors, in addition to respecting the standards of anti-glare regulations in the workplace, can generate a feeling of well-being that translates into a better feeling between people and the place of work.

A precise evaluation of the projectors or recessed spotlights to be installed, the correct choice of the most appropriate chromaticity, an accurate positioning of the lighting fixtures are key factors for the creation of a lighting system for offices and work places that generate intrinsic well-being.

The correct lighting of work tables, meeting rooms, areas used as archives, common areas, requires the use of projectors with specific chromaticity, which do not affect the sight and are optimized in the general context of the office furniture.

LED lighting, with its peculiarity can be also useful as an element of enrichment of the space thanks to lines and light effects that leave free imagination.

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