Evidenzia Projector

Evidenzia projector collection offers the opportunity to realize ceiling installations customized according to the need of lighting and the architectural context of the environment. The AI and LI series allow the revisiting of a classic of lighting with LED technology.

The AD and LD fixtures have single and multiple holders made in brushed aluminum which allows a very elegant visual effect . Thanks to their the gypsum holders the projectors series AF and LF can be easily integrated in a ceiling with a nice visual effect.

It can be painted and finished with finishing trim. Based on a wide range of lamp holders.

All Evidenzia products are equipped with lamps made in Italy with luminous flux between 1.000 lumens light up to 5.300 lumens for a single light lamp. The LED lamps SP06, MTG04, LC20, LC30, LC 30MKII available in different kind of lighting, including new COB sources specific for Food Lighting are manufactured with new heat sink with heat pipe inside.

Thanks to this technology it makes possible the construction of LED lamps with limited dimensions and with careful management of temperatures, reaching light output equal to conventional halogen lamps AR111 - 50,75,100W and of metal halide lamps 35W and 70W power rated.

Evidenzia allows the real retrofit, maintaining uniformity and luminous efficiency of the original luminaire with energy consumption reduced up to 85% compared to conventional light sources.