LED lighting solutions for homes

Maximize costs and increase brightness with Made in Italy products.

The LED lighting already present for some years in our homes has recently had a notable growth due to the availability of increasingly performing products with significant light yields and with chromatic characteristics such that they can also be integrated into the home.

The European Community has issued specific regulations that require the dismantling of traditional lamps that will soon disappear from the market entirely replaced by LED models capable of energy savings of up to seven times compared to classic sources.

Today we are witnessing the proliferation of new brands that fit into all market segments from the economic segment to the Top Quality product, offering a huge choice to the consumer.

It should however be highlighted that the quality product compared to an economic one is characterized by a longer life, a higher luminous efficiency and a homogeneity of the color rendering, all important factors for a natural lighting of the environments.

Thanks to its technical peculiarities, LED allows to enhance the environments and in this sense the research carried out by LED ITALY, a leading company in the production and marketing of LED lighting fixtures, has allowed the creation of products with specific applications for the domestic sector, capable to combine with design furniture components rather than stand out in a natural way with classic furnishings.

Light cuts, rooms with lighted veils, slanting wall lighting, linear lighting in false ceilings or floors, lighting of cabinets and furniture, dark light effects or dot lighting are some of the examples of applications that can be created with lighting LED.

LED ITALY can offer a complete range of products from the MADE IN ITALY and QUALITY PRODUCTS collections to allow the retrofit of existing environments or the creation of new environments, optimizing the flow of light in order to avoid wasting electricity.

The possibility of modulating the light beam together with a skilful management of the chromaticity will greatly contribute to the revitalization of the domestic space even in contexts that are particularly difficult to illuminate.

The new collections of the Rinnova collection, LDF series, have been designed to satisfy the most sought-after design standards. These recesses, of circular and square shape, have the peculiarity of a dark light emission that makes the light source invisible and its origin is imperceptible.

The chassis encloses a reflecting dish inside, able to convey the luminous flux of a high efficiency strip in a perfectly homogeneous way over 360 degrees. Built with a tactile white plastic plaster body, they have an aluminum rear heat sink that optimizes the air flow.

The LDF 08 projectors, in the round and square versions, are particularly suitable for installations in bedrooms or living rooms, thanks to their small dimensions combined with a remarkable luminous flux.

The LDF 12, LDF 16 versions, also available with square or round chassis, lend themselves perfectly to illuminating modern design environments thanks to a significant light output, even with extremely low consumption, only 16 Watt in the most powerful version. The very discreet luminous flux emission represents a great plus for these products that can be perfectly integrated into living rooms or bedrooms.

The light shades particularly recommended for Home Lighting are warm white 3000K with high color rendering index or natural white 4000K, which can be produced on request.

The EVOlution collection is based on an LED Engine LC10 designed and built in Italy, with a maximum luminous output of 1200 lumens, outstanding chromatic qualities, and a lamp body suitable for continuous use. The collection offers numerous collections, standard MR16 dimensions. Each lamp can be adjusted in light intensity with home automation systems even in wireless mode.

The LI-10 series products are supplied with a white, round or square recessed ring nut.

The MF-10 and MFL-10 series on synthetic plaster lampholders with a smooth finish.

LD-10Q, LD-210R, LD-310R with aluminum lampholders and visible housing.

LR-10Q, LR 210R, LT10Q, LT210R made with internal tray and adjustable ring nut.

The new Dark Light series, with the LDL10Q and LDL210R models, combines the refined design of a brushed aluminum lampholder with the visual comfort of the hidden optics.

For the lighting of the design environments and in the home furnishings the specific versions are:

  • LED version Warm White, warm white 2700K, CRI 92 for furniture with warm or pastel colors
  • Warm White LED version, warm white 3000K, for modern furniture and design
  • Natural White LED version, 4000K neutral white for furnishing with bright and vibrant colors

The Rinnova collection has been designed to offer complete solutions characterized by high quality. Thanks to a wide range of products, it allows the creation of customizable installations based on lighting requirements and the architectural context of the environment.

Articulated in different models designed to meet the multiple needs of furniture this range of Rinnova collection is based on the lamps MTG-01 and SMP-01 real replacement of high technological level of MR16 dichroic halogen lamps. Among the salient features the luminous output equal to 500 lumens and the possibility of dimming, the uniformity of the beam and a remarkable brightness.

The models MC 01, MM 01, SC 01 and SM 01 available in the 12V or 230V version are equipped with recessed lampholders available in various colors, adjustable or tilting.

Thanks to the concealed plaster lamp holders, the models MF 01, MFL 01, SF 01 and SFL 01 can be perfectly integrated into a false ceiling with a minimal visual effect. They can be colored and worked with a smoothing finish to integrate with the color of the ceiling, as well as offering great visual comfort with the Dark Light or adjustable lampholders.

The MTG-01 and SMP 01 lamps are manufactured in 3000K iridescent white color and natural white 4000K, in versions for 230V, dimmable, or low-voltage power supply, 12VAC-DC.

The LINEA LUCE LL collection consists of flexible LED strips entirely made in Italy. Every single product is designed, built and tested within our facilities using quality components, printed circuit boards of our design, and assembly on automated production lines.

The production includes flexible strips for indoor use, both for decorative use, for illuminating niches or underlining the architecture of the rooms, versions with high light yields perfectly suited to illuminate by reflected lighting. Thanks to the use of selected SMD LED Chip with very high luminous efficiency and high color rendering the LINEA LUCE LL LED strips are the best quality choice for linear lighting.

Of great decorative effect are the resin LED strips of the LINEA LUCE LL FLEX IP68 Waterproof collection, designed to illuminate outdoor architectural areas with continuous light insertions. The LINEA LUCE LL FLEX IP68 LED strips, available in maximum lengths up to 50 meters, are manufactured with exclusive techniques, creating a product that guarantees long life.

Available in various models entirely transparent or with opal resin coating, the LED strips LINEA LUCE LL FLEX IP68 LED can also be used in marine environments or immersed in fountains and pools. The light shades range from warm white Warm White 2900K, 3200K, to Natural White 4000K neutral, or Cold White 5000K, also including RGB or single-color LED strips.

The LINEA LUCE RECESSED collection of LED bars proposes various solutions, all equipped with the latest generation LED Strip for linear and precise lighting with absolute homogeneity of the luminous flux. The LED bars of the Linea Luce collection are particularly suitable for linear lighting with a pleasant visual effect, thanks to the strips with 240 LEDs per meter. Each recess can be made in countless variations with customized dimensions.

Some bar models in the LINEA LUCE collection, which are particularly non-invasive, lend themselves to enhanced niches, wall units and, in general, to create accent lighting, as well as other more powerful models designed for general lighting in domestic environments.

Thanks to high performance LED strips these models have been designed for linear lighting with high yields and maximum consumption of 30Watt per linear meter.

For lighting in the Home Lighting sector the light shades to be used are the following:

  • LED Warm White, warm white 2700K, CRI 92 for environments with classic furniture in general
  • LED Warm White, warm white shade 3000K, CRI 92 to illuminate with natural colors
  • LED Natural White, neutral white 4000K suitable for highlighting cold or chromed colors
  • LED Cold White, 5000K cold white for metal objects, or to create luminous contrasts

The latest addition to the collections of the MADE IN ITALY catalog, the LINEA LUCE SUSPENDED collection consists of LED bars that become true furnishing accessories that are perfect for enriching and embellishing environments with a particularly modern or minimalist design.

Made entirely to measure, with different profiles with square or rectangular section or LED bars can be customized by combining the most suitable LED strip of the wide LINEA LUCE catalog that guarantee a level of luminous uniformity unparalleled and luminous yields up to 3000 lumens for meter with maximum absorption of only 30.0 Watts.

Some profiles can be combined to create geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles or other designs. Thanks to the frost cover, or to the use of opaline resins, the LINEA LUCE SUSPENDED bars are real linear forms of light, able to illuminate the working environments very well.

For the lighting of interior design and home lighting the suggested light shades are:

  • LED Warm White version. warm white 2700K. CRI 92 for rooms with classic furnishings
  • LED version Warm White, warm white shade 3000K, CRI 92 to illuminate with natural colors
  • Natural White LED version, neutral white 4000K suitable for solar environments, in the presence of natural light

MLP LED lamps are a real alternative to replace incandescent lamps, keeping the existing brightness values ​​unaltered and saving energy compared to traditional lamps.

Equipped with the latest generation of SMD LEDs, opal diffuser glass, they produce an iridescent white light of the highest quality, which does not bother the eyes.

The new MLP-F series has been designed to reproduce the 360 ​​degree light flux of traditional lamps using LED technology.

This new LED system is based on a very high efficiency Sapphire LED Filament, which is cooled thanks to a noble gas inside the bulb.

They generate warm light with very high color rendering and are particularly suitable for everyday use while maintaining the classic design characteristic of incandescent lamps.

The lamps of the MLP series are available in different formats, with E14, E27 connection, in bulb, candle or special PAR forms. The light yields reach up to 1400 lumens, the shades available, depending on the model are White Hot 2700K, Warm White 3000K or White Neutral 4000K.

The MLP-F series is articulated in various bulb, candle or sphere models with E14 and E27 connection.

The shade is warm white 2700K, available on request also the gold versions with amber glass to recreate refined and dimmable atmospheres to adjust at will the luminous intensity of your home.

Present in different collections in both catalogs, Made in Italy and Quality Products, the punctual collections are characterized by small dimensions, minimal consumptions, they represent perfect accent lighting complements. Thanks to state-of-the-art LEDs, even with only 3Watt maximum absorption, these light points with an attractive design make it possible to enhance niches, steps, under wall units and lend themselves to any application where a narrow light beam is required.

The LF-01 series in both single color and RGB versions, consists of recessed luminaires with Power LEDs with 24, 40 or 60 ° anti-glare optics.

The ALG and ALP series, on the other hand, are equipped with a metal chassis of various colors, with a round or square adjustable ring and allow precise pointing with light tones suitable for reading without straining the eyes and keeping the natural colors unaltered.

The ALQ series is instead dedicated to the realization of ornamental light composition, allowing the creation of luminous designs in niches, ceilings, attics or even in the frames of furniture design furniture. The projectors with flexible arm AHP complete the range and are built for lighting bed headboards, allowing a reading with natural and non-invasive light without neglecting the quality of light in a seemingly simple product.

All the models presented belong to the MADE IN ITALY and QUALITY PRODUCTS catalogs.

The MADE IN ITALY catalog consists of countless products designed, manufactured, tested and manufactured in series entirely in Italy, at our factory in Carmagnola (TO).

The components used prefer only suppliers with high quality standards and production in Europe.

The Research and Development department performs with our machines accurate photometric and thermal analyzes for the validation of each new model.

The assembly line is equipped with machines for serial production with SMT technology for the lighting design, and specific assembly or processing stations with highly qualified personnel. Each device is tested and tested before being sent to our customers, in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard of which LED ITALY is uniform.

The products are CE compliant, with 3-year guarantees and meeting the EURO 1 standards. The QUALITY PRODUCTS catalog presents a selection of products distributed exclusively from selected suppliers with high quality standards and certified production standards. Various products included in the catalog have been designed in collaboration between our Research and Development office and foreign suppliers, from the phase of study and realization of the prototypes up to the validation of the product.

The products selected before being put on the catalog are further subjected to thermal tests and photometric analyzes that validate the technical characteristics declared by the supplier. The products comply with CE regulations, some even have UL, TUV or SAA certifications. The factory defect warranty is two years with a three or five year extension.

LED ITALY thanks to its network of professionals and qualified suppliers is able to offer turnkey solutions, customized and inclusive of preliminary study for the best solution of customer needs, and can include in addition to supply the installation by companies specialized and after-sales assistance or product retrofit.

Thanks to the agreement signed with leading European financial companies LED ITALY also offers the financial product of the operating lease of all its products in the catalog.