LED lighting solutions for the industrial area

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The correct lighting of work environments plays a decisive role in the field of safety for the people who work there, contributing considerably to increasing their quality of life in the workplace.

A properly lit environment, in which people can easily move or work both during the day and at night, regardless of external lighting, ensures greater production efficiency of the company's workforce.

Compliance with the requirements of optimal lighting values ​​at production sites must however be reflected in the need to contain lighting costs in general. The need to reduce downtime and maintenance costs of the plants find a decisive response in the application of the correct LED technology.

The lighting of production sites, storage warehouses, laboratories, workshops and production units using projectors and lighting fixtures with LED technology has become a reality thanks to the use of state-of-the-art solid-state light sources optimized for the specific use of the sector industrial.

The research carried out by LED ITALY, a leading company in the production and marketing of LED lighting fixtures in close collaboration with semiconductor diode manufacturing companies, has allowed the creation of products dedicated to the industrial sector characterized by very high light efficiency ratios, equal to 160 lumen / Watt and therefore suitable for the replacement of traditional systems equipped with metal halide lamps or sodium vapors.

The products in the catalog have precise characteristics of brightness and chromaticity perfectly targeted to the correct lighting of production environments, even in installations in large work environments, with positioning up to 12 meters from the ground.

LED ITALY can offer a complete range of products from the MADE IN ITALY and QUALITY PRODUCTS collections to allow the retrofit of existing environments or the creation of new environments, optimizing the flow of light in order to avoid waste or consumption of electricity when not needed.

The possibility of modulating the light beam together with a wise management of the chromaticity will greatly contribute to the optimization of the lighting of the working spaces.

LED ITALY can offer a complete range of products from the MADE IN ITALY and QUALITY PRODUCTS collections to allow the retrofit of existing environments or the creation of entirely new environments.

The LINEA LUCE LED bar collection consists of dozens of different models. Each bar is equipped with the latest generation LED Strip for a linear lighting with absolute homogeneity of the luminous flux.

They are particularly suitable for corridor lighting, production lines, warehouses and any other necessity that requires linear lighting in rooms with heights up to 5 meters.

The LED LINE LIGHT PROFILE bars can be made to measure up to three meters in length. Equipped with the LED Strip of the LINEA LUCE LL collection, they have maximum yields up to 18,000 lumens, a value achieved with the combination of several strips inside the aluminum body on specific profiles.

The models of the LINE RECESSED LIGHT allow the assembly of the bars on a technical false ceiling, optimizing the installation with the various models according to the specific need.

SUSPENDED LIGHT LINE, with models derived directly from the PROFILE collection, allows the installation of suspended bars, thanks to height-adjustable steel tie-rods fixed to the ceiling.

The LINEA LUCE LED bars are available Warm White, 2700K - 3000K, CRI> 80 or CRI 92, Natural White 4000K, LED Cold White 5000K. Most models can be made with protective treatment of the Conformal Coating strip or in IP67 resin version for use in outdoor environments.

The catalog includes various accessories, narrow-beam lenses, particular fastening systems or presence sensors. All the bars in the LINEA LUCE collection can be integrated with home automation control and management systems.

The integrated linear LED ceiling lights see their best application in corridors, garages, workshops, tunnels, warehouses and production lines as well as stations and airports.

Available in multiple versions including those specific for corrosive environments can be connected directly to each other simplifying the installation. Ideal substitute of ceiling lights with neon tubes T8 the TRIPROOF have resistant or splash water and dust chassis, IP65.

Available with opal diffuser and anti-glare filter are manufactured in standard sizes with length 60 - 90 - 120 - 150 cm.

The L07G, AS-HBL series are equipped with triple high efficiency Internal LED Strip, integrated power supply with over voltage protection, multiple serial connection and have a maximum light output of 8500 lumens.

Recommended for use up to heights of 6 meters, the TRIPROOF ceiling lights have natural White White 4000K shades. The PA01C anti-corrosion version is available on request. The L07G series also has TUV, GS, UL, DLC quality certifications.

The headlights of the T20G range, equipped with high efficiency LED strips and self dissipating aluminum body, have an integrated power supply, a multiple serial connection system and are particularly suitable for corridors of medium height up to 8 meters reaching values ​​of 10,500 lumens with 100 Watt absorption. Available with ceiling or ceiling mounting systems, they can be equipped with presence sensors, dimming systems or emergency kits. They have TUV, GS, UL, DLC certifications.

The new SKYLINE series is composed of linear LED ceiling lights for multiple installations. Thanks to its modular system that allows the realization of light lines with contiguous bars, intersecting with T, L, or X between them, it lends itself to a wide range of applications in the industrial sector, particularly in environments with important heights up to 10 meters.

The double row of internal high power strips guarantees a maximum light output of 13,000 lumens per single luminous element.

The particular construction of the chassis, optimized for heat dissipation, makes it possible to electrically connect several elements to each other without having to make special arrangements.

The different optics installable 25, 60, 120 ° allow an ideal aiming of the lighting body.

Of particular interest is the symmetrical LR optic that has been designed for the simultaneous illumination of two parallel corridors by positioning the SKYLINE projector above the shelves.

The SKYLINE series is available in modules with lengths of 60 or 150 cm. The fixing system includes ceiling or blind-beam fixing hooks, suspension system or mounting brackets.

Available in Warm White 2700 - 3000K, Natural White 4000K, Cold White 5700K have different light yields, 100 Watt absorption in the 150 cm long element. The product is undergoing TUV certification.

Linear High Bay industrial linear ceiling lights have been designed for intensive use in corridors or high-rise spaces.

They can in fact be placed up to 12 meters high from the ground, ensuring an optimal luminous flux up to 16,500 lumens in accordance with current regulations.

The H05 series ceiling lights are available in three different models with lengths of 600, 900, 1200 and 1500 mm. Thanks to the possibility to choose the optic between three different beam openings, 60-90-110 ° this LED ceiling light projects its light beam in a clear and defined way.

The use of latest-generation high-efficiency LEDs with natural white color 4000K, combined with drivers with voltage drop protections, optimize the efficiency of the luminaire.

The metal body with IP 65 protection rating is constructed in such a way as to allow optimal heat dissipation throughout the body length, increasing the useful life of the projector.

The possibility to fix the ceiling or suspended light fixtures, combined with the characteristic of connecting several elements in series, increasing both the length and the width of the illuminated area, allows to optimize each individual installation according to specific needs, so like dimming and presence sensors, optional accessories that complete the offer. The linear ceiling lights of the H05 series have TUV GS, UL, DLC certifications.

The High Bay LED Floodlights are the ideal solution for lighting large interior spaces, airports, stations, warehouses for storage, production sites, workshops or industrial environments.

Thanks to the availability of LED light matrixes with yields up to 160 lumens Watt, this type of projector is the ideal substitute for the traditional lighting and bell housing equipped with a metal halide lamp.

Available in two different series, the products of the High Bay range cover almost all the different lighting requirements in indoor environments with light yields up to 50,000 lumens and maximum electrical absorption of 250 watts.

The brand new AS HB series offers a series of High Bay with Philips LumiLEDs matrix is ​​undergoing certification, with absorption between 100 - 200 Watts, 30,000 lumens max. white or silver chassis, different opening cones and multiple shades of white. The star cooling system, and the Philips driver make it the ideal product for installations up to 6 meters.

The YH HBL series, the industry's best seller, consists of models in the 75-200 Watt range with maximum light yields of 32,000 lumens thanks to proprietary SMD LED arrays developed for this sector.

Two different optical groups, annular dissipation system, MeanWell driver have made it the product chosen by important companies in the auto motive sector. YH HBL products are UL and SAA certified.

The High Bay LED Floodlights with IP65 protection are the ideal solution for lighting industrial environments with important heights in the presence of dust, humidity or non-persistent rain.

The LED technology of the new matrices allows to reach unprecedented brightness values, superior to 30,000 lumens in products designed and built with criteria of reliability and proven durability.

Available in two different series, the products of the High Bay IP65 range cover almost all the different lighting needs, perfectly replacing the traditional lighting and bell lighting with metal halide lamps.

The ZR-HBM series meets the specific requirements for protection against the elements in outdoor environments. Equipped with CREE LED matrix, max. 38,500 lumens optic 25-60-90 ° mirrored dish, are optimal for lighting industrial environments with heights up to 8 meters.

Front protection glass, extrusion heatsink, adjustable fixing bracket, IP65 protection are the distinguishing features of this UL-DLC certified series.

The new H04 series offers a series of High Bay with an attractive design and design, with absorption between 100-200 Watt, 22,000 lumens max. opening beam 60-90-120 ° with internal reflector and Natural White 4000K LED. The product is recommended for open beam applications up to 6 meters in height. TUV, GS, UL, DLC quality certifications.

The Flood Light were born to replace the diffusers equipped with metal halide lamps. Designed and built with strict quality standards, they allow continuous use with constant yields and undoubted energy savings and with a longer operating life.

Metal chassis, accurate construction to guarantee IP65 protection degree, use of latest generation SMD or COB LED matrixes, high quality power section, are the common points of the various series in the catalog.

All this translates into great reliability and durability over time, high lighting performance for the lighting of warehouses, workshops, warehouses, yards and medium-sized industrial environments.

The headlights of the YH-FS series, with power ratings between 30 and 135 Watt, thanks to the use of proprietary SMD LED matrixes, with yields of 160 lumens-Watt, max 18,900 lumens are a best seller for the optimal quality ratio price, while ensuring considerable reliability and durability.

The new AS-FD range consists of various models equipped with a Samsung COB or Seul Semiconductor matrix. Constructed with dissipation system with Heat Pipe technology, they have powers ranging from 20 to 200 Watts with yields above 20.00 lumens. White chassis and small size make them ideal for installations in commercial or industrial environments of new conception.

TUBE LEDs are the fastest and most economical way to retrofit T8 neon tubes. However, the recent EU legislation EN 62776 has placed constructive constraints on the LED product and on the methods of installation in a professional environment to protect consumers.

The LED tubes in the catalog are prepared for Direct Retrofit, that is the replacement of the T8 neon tubes on ceiling lights with mechanical iron feeder by replacing only the original fuse with the supplied LED starter.

This entails the maintenance of the original certification of the luminaire, without incurring the risk of the homologation of the ceiling light in accordance with Direct Retrofit.

The T8N products are made in lengths 60, 90, 120, 150 cm. Natural White 4000K. Rotatable connection and one side power, aluminum body with satinated cover make them perfect for Direct Retrofit installation as per EN62776 standard. The LED tubes of the T8N series have TUV quality certification.

The MCG SI series consists of models suitable for Direct Retrofit in compliance with the EN 62776 standard, in lengths 60, 90, 120, 150 cm.

Thanks to the new type of SMD LEDs they have performances up to 3000 lumens in the 150cm length model. They are available in various shades of white, 2700K, 4000K, 6000K.

All the models presented belong to the MADE IN ITALY and QUALITY PRODUCTS catalogs.

The MADE IN ITALY catalog consists of countless products designed, manufactured, tested and manufactured in series entirely in Italy, at our factory in Carmagnola (TO).

The components used prefer only suppliers with high quality standards and production in Europe.

The Research and Development department performs with our machines accurate photometric and thermal analyzes for the validation of each new model.

The assembly line is equipped with machines for serial production with SMT technology for the lighting design, and specific assembly or processing stations with highly qualified personnel. Each device is tested and tested before being sent to our customers, in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard of which LED ITALY is uniform.

The products are CE compliant, with 3-year guarantees and meeting the EURO 1 standards. The QUALITY PRODUCTS catalog presents a selection of products distributed exclusively from selected suppliers with high quality standards and certified production standards. Various products included in the catalog have been designed in collaboration between our Research and Development office and foreign suppliers, from the phase of study and realization of the prototypes up to the validation of the product.

The products selected before being put on the catalog are further subjected to thermal tests and photometric analyzes that validate the technical characteristics declared by the supplier. The products comply with CE regulations, some even have UL, TUV or SAA certifications. The factory defect warranty is two years with a three or five year extension.

LED ITALY thanks to its network of professionals and qualified suppliers is able to offer turnkey solutions, customized and inclusive of preliminary study for the best solution of customer needs, and can include in addition to supply the installation by companies specialized and after-sales assistance or product retrofit.

Thanks to the agreement signed with leading European financial companies LED ITALY also offers the financial product of the operating lease of all its products in the catalog.