Integra projector

The new collection of projectors InTegra proposes itself as a real quality alternative to the usage of traditional light sources in the world of Retail, Food Lighting and Hospitality.

The inspiration concept was to make products entirely Made in Italy designed on the real needs of designers, Installers and professional users. From 1.000 lumens up to 5.300 lumens for single lamp, the InTegra collection offers real and piratical solutions combined with the highest quality and reliability of Italian products.

The thermal management of the heat of the new LED lamps such as SP06 MTG04, LC20, LC30, LC 30MKII comes from a specific study by the University of Padova.

Through the use of the new heat sink with heat exchangers, based on heat pipe technology, it is possible now to create lamps that can really replace both traditional halogen AR111- 50,75,100W and the metal halide lamps 35W and 70W while maintaining the standard AR111

These lamps are entirely made in Italy and they are now available in several versions including the new ones for Food Lighting equipped with specific source to light different kind of food.

The extractor bracket allows an optimal pointing of objects to be illuminated making the environments really different.

The design of the InTegra products allows the installation of minimally invasive lighting fixtures and harmonized in the architectural context of the environment thanks of choice to customize colors of the metal body and rings.