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LED lighting: 10 tips for bars and restaurants

illuminazione LED bar e ristoranti

It is important to choose the right LED lighting for bars and restaurants.

When it comes to hospitality, the light plays a very important role, more than you might think.

The food you offer in your room can be delicious and drinks can be refreshing, but if the light is not right, the customer will not stay long. You must know that there are some studies that prove it.

The lighting of bars and restaurants is definitely worth considering. The lights are important to create a perfect atmosphere for the customer.

Below we will show you some useful tips for bars and restaurants LED lighting.

Bars and restaurants LED lighting: here are 10 tips

1.Give importance to lighting design

Lighting in a room is often underestimated and is not considered before starting a new business. Knowing the layout of the room is essential for lighting design. An effective way to illuminate individual tables, especially in restaurants, is to install suspended lighting fixtures. Without careful planning, it may happen that only a few tables are illuminated.

2. Apply different layers of light

The different lights inside the room can perform different tasks. The first is played by the natural brightness of the environment which is the main source of light in a bar or restaurant. It must make the ceilings look taller and the walls wider. Lighting in the areas dedicated to the cash register or to the kitchen, on the other hand, must be more accentuated. This is the typical area where attention is pushed towards the architecture or towards a particular and includes lighting fixtures upwards, on walls or columns. Finally, the decorative lights and the effect lights are those that personalize a bar and a restaurant. The functional aspect is less important in this case. You must create a personal style.

3. Use the lights to guide people in your room

When a customer enters into a room he must immediately understand where he can go and what he can find in the different areas of the environment. Orientation is essential. The lights can be used to guide your customers by pushing their attention to different focal points. You have to create a different contrast of brightness, alternating bright lights with the natural lights of the environment.

It is important to highlight specific areas.

4. Pay attention to space and design

Every bar and restaurant has a personal style. Three factors must be taken into consideration when designing a room: the design, the target to be achieved and the space available. For example, a small bar may need to highlight only single tables, as well as a larger space need to illuminate several separate areas.

5. Get the right atmosphere by paying attention to lighting

Lighting is the key to the right atmosphere. A warm and comfortable light makes people feel more at ease, especially during the cold periods with harsher external temperatures. By installing lamps with less than 3000K and a dimmer you can add an element that allows you to adjust the degree of brightness to create different environments. Automatic control systems can also help the process because they allow you to program different settings as needed.

6. Use color with moderation

Lighting in bars is basically different from that of restaurants. Since the bars normally transmit fun, the use of colored lights is much more common. Restaurants, on the other hand, require softer lights that create a more relaxed environment. Surely this changes depending on the concept and the colors are often used to promote your brand. Be careful, not overdo it.

7. Shows the real color of foods

Color rendering is the ability of a light source to show the real colors of objects. Represented by an index: lower the score, lower the color rendering properties of the lamp. The maximum score is 100. In restaurants and kitchens, a minimum of 80 is required, but 90 would be optimal. Having a wrong color rendering index could mean that the visual impression of food does not reach its maximum potential, thus having a greater impact on the customer’s perception.

8. Taking care of customers’ comfort

Regardless of how unusual and experimental a bar design can be, you need to ensure a certain level of comfort for the customer. Your guests must always be able to read the menu and see the dishes. Direct lighting should also be avoided by placing lamps outside the natural field of view. Attention also to the lights that could be reflected due to bright surfaces or mirrors. The diffusers, like frosted glass, can be very useful.

9. Pay attention to current trends

The trends of the moment show a return to the origins. The light sources are now open, without lampshades and pendants from the ceiling. Today, retro-style lamps with exposed filaments are very popular; it is the lamp itself that is the design feature. In case you want to use a non-decorative light, you can use LEDs to reduce costs and maintenance costs. These are two trends that will continue to be adopted.

10. Functionality or Design

Finally, the most important thing for your restaurant is to adopt a good functional design.

Following these little tips you can choose the right LED lighting for bars and restaurants. Led Italy is by your side to offer you the best 100% Made in Italy LED lighting products.

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