Lightex ®

The fusion between light and fabric is called Lightex

Lightex presents itself to the world of interior design, architecture and tests the designers of the future. Revolution a material opening up new avenues for today's creatives, a today where everything is there and everything has been done. Lightex is born now, and its streets are endless. The conception of a fabric that wants to live with its own light.

An innovative and effective lighting solution, for a totally dynamic use of light, for technical and decorative installations. Lightex is a luminous fiber optic fabric that offers a perfectly homogeneous light distribution that wraps, decorates and gives life to the surrounding environment.

It follows the shapes of the application supports, it loves the curves and the luminous effect that is created inside them. It can be laminated with metal, glass and composite materials. Led Italy stands out in the sector because it has decided to enhance Made in Italy. The use of new technologies combined with our creativity allows us to place unique products on the market. The Lightex combines two worlds that until today are unrelated to each other: the LED light sources with the fabric.

Made in Italy is reflected in the way we treat the product and in the elegance of its purpose. Our goal has always been to do better not only in terms of quality. We tried to give life to our ideas by creating new products for cars, fashion, architecture and design.

The Lightex aims to give everyone the opportunity to create products of excellence, where style, creativity and creativity come together to create everything that until now had only been thought of.