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Lightex line

The idea is to create a fabric that wants to live with its light. Lightex is an innovative and effective lighting solution, for a full dynamic use, both technical and decorative installations.

A predominantly emotional effect. A poem of light. A perfectly homogeneous italian led lights distribution that envelops, decorates and gives life to the surrounding environment.

It follows the shapes of the application supports, it loves the curves and the luminous effect that is created inside. It can be laminated with metal, glass or composite materials.

We’re proud to introduce Lightex to the world of interior design and architecture it tests the designers of the future. It revolutionizes the lighting concept with an innovative fabric opening new paths to today’s creatives, a today where everything is there and everything has been done.

Lightex was born now, and its paths are endless.

A new concept of Flexibility

Led Italy stands out in the lighting field because it adds value to Made in Italy. The use of new technologies combined with our creativity allows us to create unique products on the market.

The Lightex connects two different worlds that were previously unrelated to each other: the LED light sources with the Fabric.

Made in Italy shines through in our way of taking care of the product and in the elegance of its purpose.

Our goal is to do better not only in terms of quality. We bring our ideas to life. We create new products for the car, for fashion, for architecture and design.

Lightex gives everyone the opportunity to create excellent products, where style, creativity and flair come together to create everything that until now had only been thought of.

Technical features

The Lightex is made of 0.5mm PMMA of optical fibber and white spun polyester with aluminium end side connector.

The size varies from multiples of 15/50/100 mm in width up to 3000 mm in length. The thickness is 1 mm and the minimum bending radius is 10 mm. It can be curved but not folded. It has a weight of approximately 550 g / m2.

The light output can reach up to 1000 cd / m2. It has good resistance to UV rays and the operating temperature ranges from 30 ° C <T <+80 ° C.

It is treated with a fireproof spray that makes it resistant to fire. It can also be treated with a flame retardant composite solution with bonded metal foil for added strength. In addition, a transparent anti-scratch film can be applied. It is hand washable with soap and water.

3 families of Lightex panels for different applications

The Lightex is available in 3 different of Lightex panel, each of which it is possible to choose brightness and size. You can choose the solution that’s right for you.

With Jacquard Pattern single panel or multi-panel you have the possibility to customize standard Lightex with your pattern. You can only use patterns designed by you, printed on a single colour.

With Jacquard Pattern Sandwich single panel or multi-panel you have the possibility to digitally print on fabric, to be applied later on standard Lightex.



multi panel


led & optical coupling parts


our creations

Be inspired by lighting solutions with the Lightex

Bottega dei Sogni

Montecarlo, Switzerland – 2012

False ceiling with lightex

Italy – 2015

Curtain with custom design

Montecarlo, Monaco – Switzerland  2012

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Our customers says...

In LED Italy we have found the right competence and availability that have allowed us to identify exactly the most suitable product in order to realize our projects.
An attentive professional and well trained staff has followed us from the elaboration of the initial idea to the delivery of the products themselves.
Thanks to all the staff...let's go on!

Arch. Paolo Giunta

We are satisfied with the products you have made for us and with the flexibility you have applied to the specific requests.

S. Santinelli

The contact with the company was positive right from the start, in terms of assistance and advice in identifying the most suitable product for the application.
The product is responding well even if a short time has passed since the first installations.

S. Manicardi

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