Free rein to bright creativity!

The flexible Led Strip Collection, Linea Luce Flex IP Six Series both IP65 and IP68, allows the realization of lighting projects for indoor and outdoor environments highlighting and modelling the light on architectural elements in a very impressive and creative way using just and only Made in Italy items.

The most important characteristics of all our items are longer life, high resistance to the corrosive agents, high ranges of temperatures of functioning from 30 up to 50 degrees. All these peculiarities allow LED ITALY to offer a very wide range of products that goes beyond the limits from changing the original brightness, avoiding yellowing or any deterioration due to the performance decay and the overheating of the silicon Strip led.

The offer of linear elements joins different and several models, vertical flexibility, horizontal flexibility which is perfect to highlight curvilinear elements. The Transparent, Clear, Frost, Mini Line, Midi Line and Total Light series which are not encumbered, join perfectly the need to enlighten and color in a very imperceptible way. The products High Line, Side light, Recessed guarantee an absolute homogeneity of the light emission in a flexible strip.

The peculiarity of each element for its brightness, shade of light and typology of emission allows a lot of variants and types of products designed and manufactured in different size on custom request. This is fundamental even to keep the IP68 rate so that it can be used up to one meter deep in marine environments.

The Research and Development Department uses a goniophotometer set to analyze the illuminance data, the thermal tests and the performance tests in order to have important information during the experimental phase of the new prototypes and, at the same time, to check the models that are being produced throughout specific tests.

LED ITALY has developed for five years a complete portfolio with flexible linear items realizing a full range of innovative and superior products for lighting and today LED ITALY can be considered one the leader company in the international market thanks of genuine Made in Italy products.

LED ITALY that has been recently certificated ISO 9001-2015 by The Bureau Veritas.

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