LED lighting solutions for offices

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LED lighting has emerged in recent years in a decisive and overwhelming way in the Office Lighting world. Energy savings, also linked to greater attention to the environment, lower operating costs, a longer life cycle compared to a traditional product, are all key factors in the exponential growth of LED lighting, but they are not the only positive aspects .

The correct lighting of the environments created with the use of high quality LED projectors, in addition to respecting the standards of anti-glare regulations in the workplace, can generate a feeling of well-being that translates into a better feeling between people and the place of work.

A precise evaluation of the projectors or recesses to be installed, the correct choice of the most appropriate chromaticity, an accurate positioning of the lighting fixtures are key factors for the construction of a lighting system for offices and work environments that generate intrinsic well-being.

The correct lighting of work tables, meeting rooms, areas used as archives, common areas, requires the use of projectors with specific chromaticity, which do not affect sight and are optimized in the general context of the office furniture.

The LED lighting, with its peculiarity can also serve as an element of enrichment of the environment thanks to lines and light effects that leave free imagination in the setting.

The research carried out by LED ITALY, a leading company in the production and marketing of LED lighting fixtures and in close collaboration with companies producing semiconductor diodes and semi-finished products, has allowed the creation of products dedicated to the Office lighting sector with precise brightness characteristics and chromaticity.

LED ITALY can offer a complete range of products from the MADE IN ITALY and QUALITY PRODUCTS collections for the retrofit of existing environments or the creation of new work environments, as well as a study aimed at obtaining the optimal level of lighting for each specific need working.

The Rinnova collection has been designed to offer complete solutions characterized by high quality. Thanks to a wide range of products, it allows the creation of custom-made false ceiling installations based on lighting requirements and the architectural context of the environment.

Articulated in different models designed to meet the multiple needs of furniture this range of Rinnova collection is based on the lamps MTG-01 and SMP-01 real replacement of high technological level of MR16 dichroic halogen lamps. Among the salient features the luminous output equal to 500 lumens and the possibility of dimming, the uniformity of the beam and a remarkable brightness.

The models MC 01, MM 01, SC 01, SM 01 available in the 12V or 230V version are equipped with recessed lampholders available in various colors, adjustable or tilting.

Thanks to the concealed plaster lamp holders, the models MF 01, MFL 01, SF 01 and SFL 01 can be perfectly integrated into a false ceiling with a minimal visual effect. They can be colored and worked with a smoothing finish to integrate with the color of the ceiling, as well as offering great visual comfort with the Dark Light or adjustable lampholders.

The MTG-01 and SMP 01 lamps are manufactured in 3000K iridescent white color and natural white 4000K, in versions for 230V or low voltage power supply, 12VAC-DC.

The EVOlution collection is based on an LED Engine LC10 designed and built in Italy, with a maximum luminous output of 1200 lumens, outstanding chromatic qualities, and a lamp body suitable for continuous use. The collection offers numerous collections, standard MR16 dimensions. Each lamp can be individually regulated in intensity with home automation systems.

The LI-10 series products are supplied with recessed ring in black, gray, chrome and brass. They have a square or round shape.

The MF-10 and MFL-10 series is based on synthetic plaster lampholders with perfect integration between the projector and the environment.

LD-10Q, LD-210R, LD-310R have brushed aluminum lampholders for visible housing.

LR-10Q, LR 210R, LT10Q, LT210R are made with internal tray and adjustable ring nut.

The new Dark Light series, with the LDL10Q and LDL210R models, combines the refined design of a brushed aluminum lampholder with the visual comfort of the hidden optics.

For lighting in the Office Lighting the specific versions are:

Led Warm White version, warm white 2700K, CRI 92 for furniture with warm or pastel colors
Led Warm White version, warm white 3000K, for modern furniture and design
Natural White Led version, 4000K neutral white for furnishing with bright and vibrant colors

The LINEA LUCE PROFILE LED bar collection contains dozens of profiles that can satisfy the most varied needs. Each LED bar is equipped with the latest generation Strip able to create a linear and precise lighting with absolute homogeneity of the luminous flux.

Each model can be made in countless variations with customized dimensions, choice of the model of the internal strip and different shades of white light or specific colors.

The LINEA LUCE PROFILE range of bars is a perfect complement to furnishing in offices, harmonizing perfectly with the furnishing of the rooms.

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, which also allow the precise aiming of the light beam, even the most particular lighting requirement will find an answer to the height of the request.

For a correct lighting of working environments, the light shades suggested are:

Led Warm White version, warm white 2700K, CRI 92 for environments with wooden furniture
Led Warm White version, warm white shade 3000K, CRI 92 to illuminate with natural colors
Natural White Led version, 4000K neutral white suitable for environments with natural light

The LINEA LUCE RECESSED collection of LED bars, rich in its range of models, is based on the latest generation LED Strip for linear and punctual lighting but with an absolutely minimal impact.

The LED bars of the LINEA LUCE collection easily reach luminous yields of 3000 lumens per meter, with maximum absorption of 30Watt / meter. Each bar model can be made in countless variations with customized dimensions.

The bars of the LINEA LUCE RECESSED collection are particularly suitable for the general lighting of the working environments, and in particular of corridors, or ceilings of offices and meeting rooms, creating real frames of light. Thanks to high performance LED strips these models have maximum light yields up to 6000 lumens meter.

For ambient lighting the suggested light shades are:

Led Warm White version, warm white 2700K, CRI 92 for environments with classic furniture
Led Warm White version, warm white shade 3000K, CRI 92 to illuminate with natural colors
Natural White Led version, 4000K neutral white for solar environments, in the presence of natural light

The latest addition to the LINEA LUCE collections, the SUSPENDED collection consists of LED bars that become real furnishing accessories, perfect for enriching and embellishing the meeting rooms or executive offices of companies.

Made entirely to measure, with different square or rectangular section profiles, the most suitable LED strip of the wide LINEA LUCE catalog can be customized choosing among the many proposed models with light yields that reach 3000 lumens meter or models with 240 led meter, which guarantee a level of luminous uniformity without comparison.

All models can be composed by creating geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles or other designs. Thanks to the frost cover, or to the use of opaline resins, the LINEA LUCE SUSPENDED bars are real linear forms of light, able to illuminate the working environments very well.

For the lighting of environments, offices or directional areas the suggested light shades are:

Led Warm White version, warm white 2700K, CRI 92 for environments with classic furniture
Led Warm White version, warm white shade 3000K, CRI 92 to illuminate with natural colors
Natural White Led version, neutral white 4000K suitable for solar environments, in the presence of natural light

Perfect for the most demanding offices, the PANEL LEDs of the PLD and P04C0 series are differentiated by the double emission of the luminous flux, which for 30% is turned upwards and 70% instead of downwards.

This dual lighting system actively contributes to the wellbeing of people as reflected light is perceived as ambient light.

People have the feeling of being in an environment illuminated by natural light even if this does not happen, benefiting from all the advantages related to their biorhythms as well as less stress generated by the sensation of natural light.

Rectangular in shape, available in various sizes and with two different shades of white, the LED PANEL DOUBLE EMISSION LEDs are built according to the strictest technical requisites and designed for rapid installation thanks to the hanging hooks.

Thanks to the use of latest-generation LED chips, the PANEL DOUBLE EMISSION LEDs of the QUALITY PRODUCTS collection are characterized by extremely low energy consumption, and luminous yields that are instead optimal for use in offices.

This brand new series of products, recently introduced, will allow architects to build offices that will be characterized by their bright comfort.

For the lighting of environments, offices or directional areas the suggested light shades are:

Led Warm White version, warm white shade 3000K, C to illuminate with natural colors
Natural White Led version, neutral white 4000K suitable for solar environments, in the presence of natural light

The PL series is composed of LED Light Panels equipped with SMD sources performing together with a particularly reduced thickness structure.

Square or rectangular LED panels meet different needs with the same quality articulating in various versions with optimized light yields that allow it to be used in many different environments.

PL 606Q40 LED Panel Light 60x60, yield 3300 lumens, N. White 4000K, from 40.0W.
PL 606Q48 LED Panel Light 60x60 yield 3500 lumens, N.White 4000K, from 48.0W.
PL 606QAG LED Panel Light 60x60 yield 3300 lumens, N.White 4000K, UGB <19.
PL 306R LED Panel Light 30x60 yield 2200 lumens, N. White 4000K, from 22.0 Watt.
PL 312R LED Panel Light 30x120 yield 4800 lumens, N. White 4000K, from 48.0 Watt.
PL 612R LED Panel Light 50x120 yield 7150lumen, N. White 4000K, 72.0 Watt.
All models are available on request, with different color temperatures, or in a dimmable version.

The standard installation includes fixing hooks for technical false ceiling. The catalog includes optional accessories for ceiling installation with an aluminum frame for wall mounting or suspension with steel hooks and tie-rods.

The DL series downlights offer excellent visual comfort thanks to a latest generation SMD LED plate, with efficiency up to 150 lumens / Watt and a wide anti-glare lens.

The DS catalog downspots are recessed with fifth generation COB LEDs and an optical unit with a parabola with various opening beams and anti-dazzle optics. Thanks to the accurate thermal management, realized through a single-body die-cast aluminum lamp body, they have an operating life of 50,000 hours.

They represent a valid alternative to conventional neon or CFL products allowing a retrofit that will benefit from the great energy savings.

Available in the DL and DLC series with models of various sizes, with external diameter from 90 to 260 mm, luminous yields between 700 - 3150 lumens, absorption between 8 and 30 Watt, have white light tones and have a color temperature of 3000 or 4000K.

The DS series Down Spot, available in the DS 120, DS 140, DS180 models, are characterized by a precision 24 ° or 36 ° adjustable optics, a fifth generation COB source. They have luminous outputs between 800 and 3000 lumens, with color temperatures of 3000 or 4000K.

All the models presented belong to the MADE IN ITALY and QUALITY PRODUCTS catalogs.

The MADE IN ITALY catalog consists of countless products designed, manufactured, tested and manufactured in series entirely in Italy, at our factory in Carmagnola (TO).

The components used prefer only suppliers with high quality standards and production in Europe.

The Research and Development department performs with our machines accurate photometric and thermal analyzes for the validation of each new model.

The assembly line is equipped with machines for serial production with SMT technology for the lighting design, and specific assembly or processing stations with highly qualified personnel. Each device is tested and tested before being sent to our customers, in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard of which LED ITALY is uniform.

The products are CE compliant, with 3-year guarantees and meeting the EURO 1 standards. The QUALITY PRODUCTS catalog presents a selection of products distributed exclusively from selected suppliers with high quality standards and certified production standards. Various products included in the catalog have been designed in collaboration between our Research and Development office and foreign suppliers, from the phase of study and realization of the prototypes up to the validation of the product.

The products selected before being put on the catalog are further subjected to thermal tests and photometric analyzes that validate the technical characteristics declared by the supplier. The products comply with CE regulations, some even have UL, TUV or SAA certifications. The factory defect warranty is two years with a three or five year extension.

LED ITALY thanks to its network of professionals and qualified suppliers is able to offer turnkey solutions, customized and inclusive of preliminary study for the best solution of customer needs, and can include in addition to supply the installation by companies specialized and after-sales assistance or product retrofit.

Thanks to the agreement signed with leading European financial companies LED ITALY also offers the financial product of the operating lease of all its products in the catalog.