Rinnova Projector

Rinnova projector collection is designed to offer complete solutions with high quality products both for new installations and retrofit. Thanks to a large range of products it allows ceiling installations customizable according to the need of lighting and the architectural context of the environment.

Rinnova collection has got four different product families, based on different LED sources. The first series is equipped with lamps MTG-01 and SMP-01 a real replacement of MR-16 halogen dichroic, emphasizing the light output with a diffused light beam and a remarkable brilliance.

Thanks to the gypsum holders Easy series projectors can be perfectly integrated into a false ceiling with minimal visual impact. The holder with trim finishing can be also painted integrating ceiling’s color. Based on SP-03 lamps, this series is equipped with different beam spot lenses. These projectors are integrated by the use of a wide variety of single or multiple holders including those in satin aluminum which have a great visual effect.

The third series is characterized by the use of the lamp LC-10. This lamp is equipped by a new LED Array with high luminous efficiency and excellent color quality. A maximum output of 1200 lumens in a standard MR-16 holder are the key points of LC-10 lamp. Latest release is the LFD series, based on recessed downlights equipped with a stealth LED strip and an internal reflector that creates a great luminous flux. LFD downlights, great decor accessories, are engineered for design installations in the residential and Retail market.