The future belongs to the LED

The future belongs to the LED

Environmental pollution can be combated even with small gestures, using for example lighting specially designed to reduce energy consumption. The word to Giuseppe Malivindi.

Saving on energy costs is possible thanks to small measures. Led lighting contributes substantially to the reduction in energy costs, up to twelve times compared to an incandescent bulb and three times compared to a low power consumption of equal power. This technology also allows endless creative possibilities for a lighting designed specifically for each person’s needs.

Led Italy is an important reality in the LED lighting sector that makes the flag made in Italy, a company in continuous expansion that proposes itself on the international market thanks to a solid know-how acquired through years of work in a constant evolution and highly innovative sector.

The company’s core business is the production and marketing of LED lighting fixtures, lighting components and electronic management and control systems. Thanks to the substantial product portfolio, the company has a wide range of markets, operating in the automotive, medical, textile, naval, contract, retail, hotel sectors, and even street lighting.

Led Italy is able to perform most of the work inside, starting from the semi-finished component up to the finished product. «We have production facilities within the company, including machines for processing printed circuits with Smd technology – says Giuseppe Malivindi -. LED strips, lamps and lighting fixtures are manufactured, assembled and tested by us, under careful supervision and in full compliance with current European regulations. Since 2012 we have also chosen to perform in-house all the work related to the resin coating of bars and strips in watertight versions ».

All the proposed products are completely customizable. «This is what distinguishes us from other competitors, we offer our customers the possibility of adapting to their tastes and needs each article, in terms of size, technical specifications and performance. We are the only ones in Italy to offer strip strips and bars with sizes ranging from ten centimeters to twenty meters in a single section, in multiple versions for use in interior, exterior or immersion. All this guaranteeing quick implementation times and ease of installation combined with great reliability ».

An internal Research and Development department is committed to creating increasingly efficient solutions that meet market specifications. “We use the collaboration of established professionals in the sector and renowned metalworking companies. Thanks to this interaction, a new range of projectors was born, obviously made in Italy, which is at the top of the sector for performance. It is therefore possible to realize LED lighting systems that can actually replace the traditional systems, with more significant economic advantages ».

LEDs are also widely used in the automotive and transport sectors. «Together with our Belgian subsidiary Hitaltech we supply LED products for the main automotive and transport companies, on behalf of which we make important tailor-made accessories, such as LED strips of various types and Lightex luminous fabric panels, designed, developed and tested together with the our customers ».

Many solutions that the company offers of the contract sector. “Lighting up shops, shopping centers and offices is a daily task for us. We work to improve our proposals and to respond to all the needs of our customers with a personalized service with attention to detail ».

Led Italy also meets the needs of the hotel industry. «We have created the Mtg-01 lamp just to meet the demands of the hotel industry, it is a high quality lamp, with a single lens that contains within it an LED array capable of great performance. Our recessed bars lend themselves to targeted applications, integrating with furniture furnishings ».

And still applications, special projects and Custom products. «The possibility of realizing details, on an internal project or on the client’s specifications, is one of our cornerstones. We follow the design, prototyping, pre-series and materials logistics. Over the years we have produced products for various companies in the lighting sector, but also works for Enel, we have worked for the Rai television programs and the construction of the new airport in Abu Dhabi ».

The luminous fabric

Innovation, research and design have always been the basis of the achievements of Led Italy, which holds, together with the French company Brochier, some innovative patents related to Lightex. «It is a fabric woven with optical fibers and lit by a Led light source – continues Giuseppe Malivindi -. This revolutionary textile product opens today the doors of the imaginary

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