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Como, Italy

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The beautiful T Beach, located near famous Como lake, renews its nocturnal image thanks to the collaboration with LED ITALY.

The entirely custom project provides lighting of the umbrellas that characterize the private lido beach through the creation of a product capable of fully combining between the existing structure and lighting requirements.

For this reason, the white and orange segments of the roof are illuminated thanks to the custom-made fixture both the mechanical parts and the electronic ones, giving a new night lighting scenario.

Lighting designer: Silvia Perego – Ph. Stefano Anzini

  • Project end date
    June, 2020
  • Reference Products:

    Linea Luce Flex – Easy line Total Light
    Linea Luce Flex – Easy line trasp IP68
    Linea Luce Profile – Suspended line L809
    Linea Luce Profile – Recessed line
  • Location:
    Como, Italy

A luxury Grand Hotel furnished with style enhanced by Led Italy

  • Solarium

    The Easy Line Total Light collection, made with two different IP against bad weather conditions, sets itself an ambitious goal, thanks a particular diffusion of light that creates the three-dimensional perception in the flexible linear element.

    The flexible frost outer-case, combined with a frost polyurethane resin, matching perfectly together, made it possible for LED ITALY to create the Flex Led Strips of the Easy Line Total Light collection, perfect for architectural environments and for coordinated applications with refined design elements in the most sought-after installations.

    The special components create a flexible LED linear fixture perfect for indoor use, particularly suitable for lighting furniture. The low operating temperature of the internal Led Strip, which does not require a dissipating heating, allows installation on wood or normally flammable surfaces.

    The collection offers various models with different Correlated Colour Temperature, including the new extra Warm White light, thanks to the availability of high-efficiency LED diodes manufactured in Europe. Each single fixture is custom made manufactured, variable length and is distinguished by a specific serial number label.

    Reference Product:

    Linea Luce Flex – Easy line Total Light

    • Easy line
  • Swimming Pool

    Create luminous lines with considerable length, aimed to emphasizing a specific element with ambient light. The Easy Line Transparent collection, IP65 and IP68 rated versions, has been designed to create highly luminous flexible linear elements that adapt perfectly to the curvilinear profile of the different surfaces.

    Thanks to the transparency of its construction elements, these models offer a very bright light emission characterized by a considerable opening of the light beam, over 120 degrees.

    The Flex Led Strips of this collection are made on transparent extruded PVC outer–case, non-toxic and treated against UV rays, also resistant to the corrosive action of salt and corrosive environmental agents.

    Even the light emission part, treated with a specific perfectly transparent bi components polyurethane resin anti UV to prevent yellowing, allows to obtain the maximum luminous effect in a flexible linear element.

    The specific construction of all models makes them perfectly usable indoors or outdoors, even for indirect lighting contexts, ensuring a maximum degree of protection IP68 that allows them to be used in bad weather or submersion use in fountains.

    Product reference:

    Linea Luce Flex – Easy line trasparent IP68

    • Linea luce
  • Breakfast and dining room

    In these areas there are several LED suspended fixtures, circular section, made with an extruded aluminium profile, black finishing. Available in 3 different sizes 900, 1270, 1800mm. The profile has got a square section 25,0x 25,0mm.

    Designed to house the LED strip models of the Linea Luce collection. Opal PMMA cover, end caps, suspension kit with steel cables and tie rods. The product is IP40 rated, IP60 versions with Conformal Coating treatment available. The outdoor models they have got internal resin processing, with protection rate IP65 and IP67, perfect for the installations in different external environments.

    Low voltage versions, 12-24-48Vdc. Every single product is equipped with a one-meter power cable available in different versions.

    Product reference:

    Linea Luce Profile – Suspended line L809

    • Suspended line L809
  • Kitchen

    High Line linear LED Profile made with white, black and silver finishing aluminium profile. Custom made length max. mm. 3005, Profile section 44.0 x 35.0mm. Recessed section 35.0 mm.

    Designed to be equipped the most performing models of the Linea Luce LED strips collection. Transparent or opal PMMA cover, end caps, installation springs.

    IP40 and IP60 versions Conformal Coating. IP65 and IP67 versions manufactured with a polyurethane resin processing inside the metal body, the fixture has got frost or transparent cover.

    Low voltage versions, 12-24Vdc. Every single product is equipped with a one-meter power cable available in different versions. Available accessories: micro prismatic lens and connection joints

    Reference Product:

    Linea Luce Profile – Recessed line L604

    • Recessed line


Take a look for possible applications

Linea Luce Profile

High Line

Linea Luce Flex

Easy line Total Light

Linea Luce Flex

Easy line trasparent IP68

Linea Luce Profile

Midi line
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