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LED lighting for structures

In this small guide we want to illustrate some led lighting solutions for public or private structures of various types: museums, trade fairs and conference centers, hotels, schools, hospitals, stations and municipal buildings.

Although some of these structures have common characteristics, when we approach the study phase, we at Led Italy always try to ensure a unique and planned lighting design based on the specifics of the construction.

As for the led lighting for congress centers, being these places suitable to often host business meetings, the positioning and the choice of lights will have to ensure that the systems are fractionable and dimmable according to the needs of each event.


Museums are places where we lighting designers have to act with caution and awareness. In these exhibition spaces, in fact, lighting plays a fundamental role, sometimes binding precisely because of the exhibited works.

Thanks to our led lighting products for museums we will be able to face this challenge also guaranteeing quality and detail.

Fairs and Congress Centres

Large environments such as trade fairs and conference centres require a perfect optimization of the light intensity, almost accentuated in the first case and instead sober and without excesses in the second.
A feature that must never be missing in led lighting for fairs will be the creation of lighting systems that highlight the stands, so that they are visible to the eyes of visitors capturing the attention immediately.

LED lighting solutions for structures made by Led Italy

An elegant hotel
furnished with light

led lighting for schools must necessarily ensure excellent visibility for students and teachers.

In fact, in these buildings a good part of the time is spent reading and writing on different media: books, notebooks, blackboards and PC screens.

Therefore, careful planning is needed to better manage the lighting, given the constant visual effort.


The difficult task that led lighting for hospitals has to perform is to be able to meet the expectations of two different types of users: the staff who work there and patients.

There are numerous in-depth studies that highlight how light can act and influence the mood of patients in hospitals.

Thanks to our solutions we are committed to improving the quality of the patients’ stay, trying to promote the healing process in the area that we have: led lighting for structures like these.


The stations, whether bus, train or other means of transport, are service premises and access for travellers.

In these large spaces the movement of people is “multidirectional”; this implies that light will play a central role in directing them properly trying to manage and improve the flow of movement allowing for rapid displacements.

The led lighting for stations will also have to comply with all current regulations with particular attention to those particularly sensitive points used by travellers to access the means of transport.

Municipal buildings

Among the services in our catalogue of offers, we also deal with led lighting for municipal buildings.

Being both places of work where diplomatic events are held and places open to the public, these buildings will need a sober and classic lighting, which can create a contemporary design but taking care not to exaggerate.


The design of led lighting for hotels, which are equipped with a few beds or large rooms, will always be decomposed into at least 3 different environments that will each need a separate studio: the reception room, rooms and common areas such as lounges and lounges.

Global illuminations shall be alternated with localized illuminations depending on the needs and function of the area in which they are to be installed.

These are just some general general indications about the use of Leds for lighting structures. Among the cornerstones of our way of designing, the priority will always be maintained to analyze individual cases, project by project.

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