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LED Lighting for Retirement Homes

Today the LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) technology is replacing the traditional one, now outdated and close to being abandoned.

The LED is based on an electronic component able to emit a light without infrared and ultraviolet and allows a significant energy saving, as well as a longer life than the classic incandescent bulbs.

Thanks to these characteristics many health care companies choose more and more often led lighting for resting houses, both for its better luminous efficiency and because the LED is able to emit a warmer and more welcoming light, thus increasing the sensation of comfort and serenity of the patients, making the environments more hospitable.

The advantages of LED lighting

Relying on LED technology for its lighting project is a forward-looking and above all ecological choice, because as has been confirmed by several specialized studies, today there are several advantages, starting from energy saving.

According to the data, in fact, the cost reduction was estimated between 50% and 70% compared to traditional plants, thanks to LED bulbs, which consume about 17 W against 40 incandescent bulbs.

LED lighting solutions for rest homes made by Led Italy

A place of care
furnished with light

Why choose LED
in nursing homes

When we talk about lighting for retirement homes we are used to imagine cold places and strangers, illuminated perhaps by anonymous neon lights, which transmit only unpleasant feelings, which make us hope to leave as soon as possible.

Today, however, many health companies have understood how important the type of lighting can be for the value of their facilities, so they are changing the way and, when they have to choose the best and most appropriate lighting for the places of care, almost always opt for LED technology.

In addition to the purely technical reasons explained in the previous paragraph, lighting of this type also changes the atmosphere that you breathe in a place and, when we talk about nursing homes, this becomes even more important for the serenity and health of guests.

Until recently, cold light has always been considered the most suitable for all health facilities, from hospitals to RSA, so that it had become normal to travel through cold and bare corridors, But now several studies in the sector have shown that it has always been a serious mistake.

According to research data, in fact, in order to enhance these places and build them on a human scale, natural light should always be given priority and, therefore, even when designing an artificial lighting system, This must release a light as close as possible to those of the sun.

This is because the human organism and, above all, the biological clock of people is regulated precisely by exposure to the sun and the production of melatonin that, inside a building illuminated in a cold and impersonal, would collapse below the minimum threshold.

For this reason, choosing a correct lighting in rsa means helping patients to relax and to fight any anxiety states, because the LED does not only offer a better light, but transforms the rooms, the corridors and studies in places much less cold and impersonal, so as to make more pleasant the stay, both to those who live there and to operators and people who go to visit their relatives.


In addition, choosing a led lighting system design results in greater luminous efficiency, because LED bulbs reach 120 lumens/watts compared to just 13 of incandescent, 16 of halogen lamps and 50 of fluorescent lamps.

In this way, every home and every building where an LED system will be installed will be able to enjoy a greater ratio between the luminous flux and the input power, thus benefiting from a better light.

Finally, the already mentioned “welcome” effect should not be overlooked, because entering a house or a structure illuminated with Leds gives a pleasant feeling of warmth and serenity.

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