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LED lighting for Congress Centers

The convention centers and the auditoriums are generally very large buildings used for congresses, meetings as well as also to host exhibitions, film screenings, theater events and concerts.

It is therefore clear that the acoustics of these spaces will have to be perfect even if obviously the sound will not be the only parameter that will influence a good success of the event.

The lighting system in fact will be another important element that will influence the result of the performance and for this reason it would be appropriate to focus on the use of LED lights.

Centro congressi
Edifici pubblici
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Led lighting systems have greater strengths than traditional lighting systems: they allow the realization of different sceneries, enhance the environments and are highly customizable thus representing an excellent choice as architectural lighting.

Compared to traditional lamps also it guarantees a wide range of solutions and adaptability during the installation, as well as having a longer life resulting in better efficiency.

Another feature not to be underestimated in convention lighting will also be the speed of ignition and the absence of infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

LED lighting solutions for congress centers made by Led Italy

An elegant center
furnished with light
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Scenographic lighting

Another important specification will be the mobility and adaptability of the plant.

LED LIGHTING CONFERENCE ROOMS in fact will have to cope with a multiplicity of possible uses of the structure. In these cases the most versatile LED lights will be those dimmable that allow the adjustment of the light intensity depending on the circumstances and specifications required.

Thanks to this type of light it will be possible to switch in a few seconds from a soft light to a light source of maximum intensity depending on the context.

Another type of LED LIGHTING FOR AUDITORIUM can be composed of RGB lights, able therefore to assume different colours; these Leds are the favorite ones especially by the scenographers for events such as theatrical performances or concerts.

At Led Italy’s congresses and auditoriums we always suggest planning the localization of the light points, both diffuse and selective.

With diffused lighting we refer to an indirect light that does not foresee direct beams but spreads in the spaces through the reflection (on walls or ceilings), used to eliminate the areas of shadow and emphasize the architectural volumes without dazzling.

centri congressi1

Swivel light

These features ensure that the room will have a uniform lighting, perfect to be used for several hours without too much fatigue on the view.

On the contrary, selective light will be used to illuminate specific spaces in which certain activities are carried out in order to give greater relevance.

In this case the artificial lights will shift the attention of the public on a particular area of the conference hall highlighting the single person or a particular object.

Led Italy suggests setting for these lights a light intensity that is at least three times higher than that one of the surrounding environment in order to generate a real contrast between the two sources.

As for the legislation to be complied with to geo know the specifications of lighting systems for these types of buildings, you will have to refer to the UNI EN 12464-1 entered into force on 21 July 2011 and entitled Light and lighting – Lighting of workplaces – Indoor workplaces’.

The project that will be realized for the installation of LED LIGHTING FOR CONGRESS CENTERS will have to evaluate specific technical solutions before focusing on aesthetics.

It will be appropriate to use a light that ensures the correct intensity perceived by all people within the structure remembering not to exaggerate.

The participants or the audience usually join this type of structure for a medium-long period of time and therefore a light intensity strongly defined could tire the sight or dazzle the eyes.

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