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Linea Luce Flex

The collection of flexible Led Strips, Linea Luce Flex, allows you to highlights your lighting projects both indoor and outdoor environments. Emphasizes or shapes the architectural elements with italian led lights in a creative and suggestive way.

Each single LED strip of the Linea Luce Flex consists of 3 fundamental elements which combined each other, allow the creation of several models.

The first element, a real beating heart, is the internal LED strip made by our internal production, manufactured with copper double-sided, Kapton® PCB and gold-plated printed circuits to have the best conductivity of the electrical flow.

The second element is the outer case, made in PVC with specific treatments for the required use. It is made with different finishes, designed for the final product.

The third element, but not least important, is the controlled stratification polyurethane resin coating of different types depending on the model, allows to create an intrinsically watertight flexible linear element.

The main requirements that all of our products in the collection meet are:

• long time duration
• high resistance to corrosive agents
• large temperatures range of use, between -30 / + 55 ° degrees.

All these aspects have allowed LED ITALY to offer a very wide range of products that exceeds the limits of yellowing, premature aging and overheating typical of the classic products on the market.

A new concept of Flexibility

The proposal of flex linear fixture is divided into different models, top light – vertical bendable, or side light horizontal bendable. The Side Light models are particularly suitable for emphasize the most disparate curved lines.
Each single product is entirely Made in Italy in our production site as 100% Made in Italy.

The LED strips are custom made with a specific length given by the customer, with a specific serial number shown on an external label for its own recognition that allows you to manage a database with the specific data of each piece built.

led variants

Thanks to our specific construction philosophy common to all the products of the Linea Luce Flex collection, the flex linear elements are intrinsically waterproof and suitable both use in outdoor environments, and humid environments.

Linea Luce Flex is suitable for submersion use, having positive passed the homologation tests which give the product IP68 degree.

Adequate power cables and installation accessories in our portfolio allow the product to be used in IP68 applications such as fountains and swimming pools.

Lighting surface
Available sizes

3 different light emitting surfaces are available:

TOP Light, available in 6 different versions, the direction of the curvature of the profile is parallel to the emitting surface.

SIDE Light, available in 4 different versions, the direction of the curvature of the profile is orthogonal to the emitting surface.

TOTAL Light, available in 5 different versions, the direction of the curvature of the profile is parallel to the base of the fixture, the only one non-emitting light surfaces.

    7 different collections for you

    Linea Luce Flex is available in 7 collections, each of which is organized in a total of 19 families with 89 LED variants available. You may configure the solution that suits you among thousands of available combinations.

    easy line

    total light

    tiny line

    side light

    mini line

    top light
    side light
    total light

    midi line

    top light
    side light
    total light

    high line

    top light
    side light
    total light

    optic line

    top light

    color line

    high top light
    high side light

    our creations

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    Our customers says...
    • In LED Italy we have found the right competence and availability that have allowed us to identify exactly the most suitable product in order to realize our projects.
      An attentive professional and well trained staff has followed us from the elaboration of the initial idea to the delivery of the products themselves.
      Thanks to all the staff...let's go on!

      Arch. Paolo Giunta

    • We are satisfied with the products you have made for us and with the flexibility you have applied to the specific requests.

      S. Santinelli

    • The contact with the company was positive right from the start, in terms of assistance and advice in identifying the most suitable product for the application.
      The product is responding well even if a short time has passed since the first installations.

      S. Manicardi

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