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LED ITALY is an italian company that works in the LED lighting industry. We launched a wide range of innovative products for LED lighting products, which are designed, engineered and tested to reduce vertically energy consumption, maintenance costs and environmental pollution. Click here for more information on LED ITALY srl.




Download here the new Led Italy product catalog. Inside, all the news about our Made in Italy products.

It includes detailed technical information about new "Lines Light led strip" and "Lines Light led strip waterproof", led bars, Rinnova, Evidenzia, Integra floodlights, lamps, spotlights, LED panels, and much more.

LED ITALY 2016 (22 MB)

LED ITALY 2015 (14 MB)





Most advanced technologies for private, commercial and industrial lighting solutions at your disposal.



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Led Italy designs every detail of the products sold: starting from the choice of the type of LED to be used we design the electronic part includes internal pilot, draw the mechanical part so as to support the operation of the LED and allow it to operate at temperatures suitable for a guarantee above 50,000 hours, and define the type of lens to be incorporated in our product in some cases using the standard optics and in other cases using optics manufactured to our specifications.

Resin process

Led Italy has an internal resin process line the IP67 or IP68 products creation. It also offers its customers the resin service for flexible or rigid line, led bars, headlights for outside and the whole range of products that require a surface protection from external agents such as humidity, rain or sand.

Products customization

Led Italy offers its customers the option of having products manufactured under their own brands, according to specifications and respecting the rules in play.


Led Italy has 3 automatic lines for led assembly. We are able to support large-scale production, small series manufacturing and prototypes mounting.



Here some lighting solutions implementation with Led Italy products.


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Discovering Led Italy

Discovering Led Italy

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