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LED lighting for Swimming pools

Illuminating underwater with colored light amazes, relaxes and activates. Fountains and water features represent an element of timeless charm and wonder for LED light for swimming pools, which has no equal in embellishing an environment and giving it a particular charm.

The flexible LED strip IP68 rate of the POOL LIGHT collection can be customized to create shapes, highlight the architectural profiles and lighting for swimming pools and fountains. The series is available in different flexibility, color temperatures, dimensions and with different mounting accessories to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the lamp.

  • serie Midi Line in RGB
Why choose the LED in
Swimming pools

Thanks to the specific construction philosophy common to all the products of the POOL LIGHT collection, the bendable linear elements are intrinsically waterproof and suitable in outdoor spaces, in damp spaces, exposed to the elements and suitable for immersion having passed the homologation tests of the resins which give the product the IP68 degree.

LED lighting solutions for Swimming pools made by Led Italy

A stylish swimming pool and
furnished with light
Lighting and safety

Pool lights have a strong resistance to the corrosive action of saline agents in outdoor spaces and to corrosive environmental agents. The products, subjected to specific tests, have resisted the corrosive action of acids, alcohol and caustic soda.

The led pool lights can be used both in outdoor environments and in submersion use up to a meter, even for lighting for above ground pools. Exposure to water, even salt and chlorinated, does not cause alterations over time, completely maintaining the functionality of the LED pool light. Chlorinated water installations are completed with the use of specific cables suitable for permanent immersion in accordance with EN 50525-2-21 and EN 50363-2-1.

All the products of POOL LIGHT have got a special protection processing against UV rays, which guarantees resistance to yellowing over time, avoiding color changes both in the light and in the finishing.

All strips are low voltage operating on 12-24Vdc. Without direct connection to the mains supply, products are therefore inherently safe as they operate from less than 75Vdc as specified in the Low Voltage Directive 72/23/EEC.

Safety in electrical systems for swimming pools and fountains: CEI 64-8 / 7 Section 702 (updated 06/2003). In order to specify the safety and installation requirements of electrical systems in fountains and swimming pools, the Standard defines three zones: zone 0, zone 1, zone 2. In Zones 0 and 1, only protection is allowed by means of SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) circuits at a nominal voltage not exceeding 12 V AC or 30 V DC, with a safety source located outside of Zones 0, 1, and 2.

Led lights and details

The controlled and automated process of hard resin, transparent or opal, allows the AISI 316 stainless steel products to reach IK10 impact resistance characteristics compatible with the walkable use of the products.

All LED strips produced by LED ITALY are compatible with the most common dimming devices on the market. 0-10V potentiometers and DALI and DMX signal dimmers are the main control devices.

LED ITALY products for pool lighting are guaranteed for 5 years from the purchasing data. The warranty covers against all the manufacturing defects. The warranty is valid only when the product is used under its specifications and without any pilfering, breaking, alterations, modifications and uses according to wrong technical directions or set up in inadequate mechanical parts. LED ITALY has the right to verify technically the product to validate the guarantee.

Each type of LED used is declared L80 / B10 = 50,000 hours. This indicates that upon reaching 50,000 hours of use, 90% (B10) of the components have a residual luminous flux equal to or greater than 80% of the initial flow (L80).

Lighting as presentation

Pool lights are something ethereal, immaterial, which you cannot touch, in its primordial form. It is up to us, who consider ourselves artisans in the sector, albeit with a constant and strong propensity to use new technologies, to give it substance, canalize it into supports that can create unique indoor and outdoor environments.

Emotion, design, functionality find the perfect balance in our proposals, born from the design and production excellence that only the Made in Italy can give.

The POOL LIGHT led lighting for the linear lighting of pools offers to the designer the freedom to create the most varied shapes and textures, thanks also to the variety of standard light: various color temperatures of white, tunable white, RGB and RGBW. The collection is equipped with PVC outercase, designed to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the lamp.

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