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LED lighting for Beauty Center

All the owners of a beauty center know well what are the two main features that customers look for when they approach their activities: well-being and above all hygiene.

After all, who would rely on a beautician whose work environment is seriously flawed in terms of cleanliness?

We at Led Italy know how the lights can affect the immediate impression of customers who enter for the first time in a beauty center and that is why we always advise not to leave anything to chance in lighting design.

In addition to the professionalism of the operator in fact, even the local has a very important role in putting the customer at ease by transmitting relaxation and showing careful care hygiene.

centro estetico
centro estetico
  • centro estetico

Through our led lighting for beauty center, it will be possible to increase the number of customers by transforming them into loyal customers who will be happy to return to a place perfectly organized and in which they found themselves at ease.

A first strategy to be put in place to differentiate itself from the competition will be that to show itself well in evidence already from the outside; through a good brightness in fact, it will be able to attract more the attention of the customers.

If there will also be exhibitors with products related to aesthetics, it will be very important to highlight them through LED strips placed in the back of the items so that they do not go unnoticed.

LED lighting solutions for Beauty Center and made by Led Italy

An elegant center
furnished with light
centro estetico
Treatment rooms

Even in spaces as functional as the wellness rooms for professional body treatments and machinery body treatment we strongly recommend continuing the use of neutral lights, whose color temperature
should be in a range between 3,000 and 4,000 degrees Kelvin.

In fact, in the rooms where cosmetic treatments such as onyx therapy are done or hands&nails treatments,
the light plays the primary role illuminating the whole environment.

The specialist beautician often works in such little spaces because the size of a nail is just a few millimeters!

Furthermore, in recent times, manicures and pedicures are increasingly characterized by the use of very bright colors; it will be essential to have a perfect colour not to compromise the result given by the beauty treatment.

Massage rooms

A slightly different choice will be made instead for the area dedicated to massages.

Those environments are generally quite always in the least illuminated areas of beauty centers for two reasons: first for privacy then due to the fact that these types of treatments do not require strong artificial lights.

In these parts of the salon it would be appropriate to install soft lights and very warm lights
to allow the client to relax completely by indulging in massage; a type of lighting perfectly compatible with this type of therapy are dimmable led strips.

On this type of artificial lights you can increase or reduce the intensity depending on the specific situation: during a massage it might be necessary to reduce the brightness to a minimum but when the operator has to proceed with the cleaning of the rooms the light available will be completely different but with a range of power enough to complete the cleanings in an accurate way.


After attracting them from the outside, we will have to confirm that we are the best choice for customers by strengthening in them the idea of being in a competent environment, bright and clean; to do this the reception will be the perfect environment in which to take full advantage of the lighting beauty center provided by Led Italy.

The physical and luminous aesthetics of this environment in fact will be very relevant to convert a simple ‘request for information’ in a real reservation.

It is therefore clear that the reception will always have to be tidy and bright so instead of very warm or cold lights, we suggest using natural light that will also support the idea of well-being and competence.

centro estetico

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