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LED lighting for private clinic

The private clinics differ from the public ones mainly for three very important characteristics: the timing of intervention, the specialization of those who work there, the costs.

Unfortunately, even in the particular historical moment in which we are living, we have become aware of some ‘limitations’ of which public structures may suffer.

Long before the pandemic many people have chosen to be treated in private clinics in order to shorten the time needed to perform analyses or undergo urgent surgery.

The endless waiting lists of public facilities have always been a deterrent for all those patients who need rapid and immediate care.

In addition, it may sometimes be preferable to rely on the care of some clinics specialized in certain fields or diseases than those provided in public hospitals.

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At this point you might ask yourself: what does the design of a light fixture have to do with this talk?

The third difference between the two types of companies will immediately give us the answer to this question: costs.

In fact, while in public facilities care is almost free (except for the ticket), private clinics generally have higher costs.

All this generates, in the expectations of the users of these realities, the expectation of an impeccable service both from the point of view of the physical structure (understood as a building) and the professionals who work there.

LED lighting solutions for private clinic made by Led Italy

A welcoming clinic
furnished with light
Reception and clinics

In addition to supporting the structure from a harmonic point of view then, our led lighting for private clinic will logically also have to perform the task of being functional for both customers and workers.

Starting from the reception, the entrance must be pleasant and hospitable, being the space intended for the reception of patients.

In the clinics it will be essential to use a type of lighting that does not flicker and that allows to have the best visibility.

In these environments, in fact, the first routine visits to patients are sometimes carried out and it will therefore be necessary that the professional can best carry out all the checks.

Even the operating room, if present inside the private clinic, will require a specific LED lighting that is to support the success of the operations to be carried out.

In this particular environment, it will be advisable to use lights with cold color temperature and divide the light between the various operating areas used.

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The rooms

Ultimately, the patient rooms will be very delicate spaces as far as lighting planning is concerned.

Artificial light will in fact play a decisive role to make even those patients who will be treated in a ‘day hospital’ feel safe and reliable, that is, with stay limited to the hours of the day and that will return to their home within the evening.

For patients who will have to spend one or more nights in the rooms of the clinic, it may be necessary to use lights that do not go to annoy other people in the room during the night hours, if the bedroom will accommodate more than one patient.

To solve this problem it will be possible to install the so-called ‘testaletto’ beams.

These devices used in the hospital and located above the bed of the patient will be able to provide the main needs of personal lighting and will give a touch of harmony and design.

Energy saving

As for the aesthetics and functionality of the spaces, the lighting design for private clinic made by our technicians will be the winning weapon that will allow your structure to meet any expectations from customers.

If this is not enough, speaking of ‘costs’, even the operator of the structure will benefit from the installation of our LED lights.

In fact, thanks to the replacement of old incandescent bulbs with our new products we will be able to lower your energy consumption by 80%, resulting in a lower maintenance of the systems over time.

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