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LED lighting for open spaces

Often when we talk about lighting we always refer to places such as buildings and structures, thinking mainly of an indoor space.

At Led Italy, working at 360 degrees, we know that in reality even led lighting for open spaces has a considerable importance.

In the same way that the lights influence the people inside a room, they can produce the same effects if used also outside, becoming real design tools to be used for the definition and promotion of open spaces.

  • TILIGHT LINE per illuminazione pavimento, resistente e calpestabile
  • Fontana a Milano illuminata con Linea Luce Flex – Easy Line
  • GUARDLED per l’illuminazione stradale
  • Fontana Treviso illuminata con Linea Luce Flex – Easy Line IP68
Urban furniture

The main prerogative of urban furniture is to improve the quality of public spaces for people living in a given location. Whether it’s flower boxes, waste baskets or outdoor benches and tables, it goes without saying that these places are also used as places for aggregation and relaxation both during the day and in the evening hours.

Among the aspects to take into account when designing these spaces, there is unfortunately also the phenomenon of social degradation and “vandalism” to which objects are sometimes exposed. To combat this phenomenon, led lighting for urban furniture can be of great help; the well-lit areas in fact, in addition to ensuring easy visual control, will give a sense of constant “monitoring” of the common good unfavorable these behaviors.


Among the various fields, we also have considerable experience in the field of led lighting for airports.

In 2015, at Led Italy, we participated in the lighting project of the Hub at Abu Dhabi Airport, one of the largest and most prestigious in the world.

For the various installations we used aluminum profiles with oval covers to ensure uniform lights and free from dotted effects. In these environments, given the large spaces, the LED lights must have a very wide range of light output.

LED lighting solutions for open spaces made by Led Italy

An extra touch
for urban lighting

Parking and roads

Led lighting for parking is very important for the optimization of spaces. In these places, in fact, it often happens that if the horizontal signs are not very obvious, just a single vehicle parked in the wrong position for this can affect the positioning of the subsequent ones going to create chaos and disorganization.

Thanks to a clearly visible signage and the consequent correct position of all means of transport, the spaces will be correctly allocated allowing the parking to host without waste the correct number of vehicles.

The same applies to led lighting for street lighting where, however, you need to have an eye on the subject of safety. In these areas, in fact, LED lights are sometimes used for vertical indication and hazard signs.

When we approach this type of work, precision and proper compliance with the regulations are our core principles; this type of lighting will have the characteristic of being clearly visible and immediately understandable to anyone.

Parks, squares and monuments

Parks and squares are places where in the night it is easy to feel a general sense of danger if left dark and without lighting.

Thanks to a project of led lighting for parks and squares instead you can give new life to these outdoor environments making them usable by anyone even after sunset. The monuments can be highlighted by finding the right compromise between history and innovation.

To see one of our led lighting for monuments projects, just go to Treviso where we used our line Light Flex Side Light Emission to enhance the fountain of Piazza San Leonardo.


History teaches us that led lighting for bridges, in addition to performing its primary function can sometimes also be used as an art form.

Just think of the famous Tower Bridge, the most impressive bridge in London; since 2012, in fact, the old lighting system has been replaced with a more modern one consisting of over 1800 Leds: almost a linear extension of 2 kilometers!

If the artistic aspect is not interesting enough, at Led Italy we have calculated that this solution will allow the Queen an energy saving of 40%.

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