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LED lighting for airports

Airports are infrastructures dedicated to the take-off, shelter, refuelling and landing of aircraft, as well as for the reception of their passengers.

It is therefore clear that a lighting project to be carried out for an airport will require specific technical skills and appropriate experience in the field.

Here at Led Italy we have a team of professionals who can proudly boast all these qualities.

Among our led lighting supplies for airports made in recent years, one of the most challenging in fact was the construction of the Midfield Terminal Complex during the expansion of the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

This is the second busiest airport in the United Arab Emirates with over twenty million passengers travelling each year thanks to its four terminals.

Project details

In 2015, our technicians participated with satisfaction to the realization of the airport lighting project of the Hub equipping and assembling components in this program that represented one of the largest supplies of material for lighting of the last decades.

For this important realization we have produced more than five thousand kilometers of the LI 264 profile of our Midi Line collection.

Participation in this project has taught us that airports can be considered a bit like small cities: consequently, even the design of the lighting system will be different in each specific area.

The macro areas that can be identified for works of this type are mainly two: the first relating to outdoor spaces dedicated to air traffic and the other which includes all the services present within the airport.

LED lighting solutions for airports made by Led Italy

A large airport
furnished with light

Terminal and check-in

The led lighting for airports of the interior areas instead include terminals, gates, check-in shops, catering services, relaxation areas and staff offices.

As we always emphasize here at Led Italy, obviously each of these environments must have a dedicated lighting system, just because each space deserves a custom lighting project.

Without going into too much detail, the areas that will have to be more bright will be those related to check-in and gate, focal points for both safety and for the management of the flow of passengers.

In these areas it will be necessary to eliminate any shadow area, since those involved in the work will not have to miss even the smallest detail, whether it is a security check or the reading of a boarding pass.

Shops and offices

Different discourse instead will be done for shops and catering services. In these environments it will be necessary a warm light but not too dominant’, to encourage permanence and entice the customer to purchase.

In staff offices, we suggest using cold lighting to keep the attention and productivity of those employees who often have to spend several hours of their working day in front of computer monitors high.

In the final analysis, the relaxation areas will be those very large spaces in which the light will have to be softer and ‘delicate’; these areas, in fact, although they are designed to accommodate passengers for only a few hours, are increasingly occupied even by those travelers who, Due to an unexpected or a very long coincidence, you will find yourself having to spend the night at the airport.

For them it will then be necessary to find in these places, a small space cozy and comfortable where you can rest for several hours.


Outdoor lighting is essential for proper and safe air traffic management.

Runways and taxiways, where aircraft will have to perform ground manoeuvres quickly and safely, will require visible light sources even from long distances; Of course, care must be taken to ensure that they are not positioned in a way that dazzles pilots and service workers.

Parking areas should also be sufficiently lit to allow ground staff to carry out their work smoothly, whether it is loading and unloading luggage or refuelling the aircraft.


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