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LED lighting for parks and squares

Public places such as parks and squares are very large areas that may require multiple different configurations of artificial light, being made up of many elements such as pedestrian paths, benches, fountains, monuments, grassy coats and trees.

In these places which can be seen as connecting points, lighting must ensure that the environmental enhancement of the landscape is in perfect harmony with the surrounding urban fabric.

A good lighting project will therefore play a fundamental role by giving parks and squares a greater usability in the evening, making them more comfortable and safe places as well as to enhance the beauty of the landscape.


When we go to realize the LIGHTING SUPPLIES FOR PUBLIC SPACES, we at Led Italy always place an eye on the reduction to the maximum of the light pollution caused by our projects.

This term indicates the modification of what are normally the natural lighting levels in the night environment. For example, just think of that sort of yellow halo that we see above the skies of big cities when we look at them from far away.

Although the term ‘pollution’ is used, in reality this does not directly harm human health.

It is however considered harmful to the surrounding environment because it can alter the rhythms and vital cycles not only of plants and animals but, indirectly, even in humans going to change the production of melatonin (which among the various functions, also regulates the sleep/wake rhythm).

LED lighting solutions for parks and squares made by Led Italy

A square enhanced
with light

Among the various solutions, we at Led Italy always recommend to reduce the beam directed upwards and in case it is not possible, try at least to use grazing lights that remain inside the shapes to be illuminated without the light being dispersed to the sky.

In addition to the intensity, a very important aspect for parks and squares is the correct chromatic quality of the lighting system.

In these parts of the city there are often green areas rich in vegetation that can be used to improve the aesthetics of the spaces.

When decorative turfs are present, they can be illuminated by lights with wide beams and with a minimum height from the ground, such as grazing lights.

The trees, on the other hand, lend themselves well to create spectacular effects: thanks to the lighting from below it will be possible to highlight trunk, branches and to a lesser extent also foliage.

In parks are often used evergreen plants such as conifers, able to keep the green and the volume of foliage even in the cold months; in these cases it will be necessary to use lights that have color temperatures of at least 4000 degrees kelvin.

In the squares where instead we find plants such as maples or palms, having a foliage tending to dark red, it will be ideal to use light sources with a temperature between 2400 and 2700 degrees kelvin.

Only by respecting these simple rules to reduce light pollution and ensure a valid color rendering of green spaces, It will be possible to design a lighting LED system worthy of note and that will really be able to highlight the parks and squares of the city.

This problem, which often comes with the led lighting design for parks and squares, has been fortunately regulated by Italian law with the standard UNI 10819 titled ‘light and lighting- Outdoor lighting systems – Requirements for the limitation of upward dispersion of the luminous flux’.

The standard, which applies only to new outdoor lighting systems, prescribes its requirements and specifies its limitations for all those artificial light sources that disperse their upward flow.

It also indicates the maximum intensity allowed depending on the type of plant and in relation to the area in which it will be installed.


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