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Street lighting with Led

We live in an era in which more and more often we hear talk about ‘smart device’.

These objects are electronic devices of any type connected to other equipment through wireless connection networks, bluetooth, etc. that allow the control or adjustment of certain specifications even remotely, as well as through automated management.

Almost always when it comes to smart devices, the first mechanisms ‘intelligent’ that you think of are the classic appliances such as televisions, refrigerators and air conditioners that are located inside homes; just a simple control on our smartphone to operate them even while we are away from home.


Today, however, we would like to talk about how we have made ‘intelligent’ our led lamps for street lighting, thus applying all the potential of smart devices to outdoor lights.

A Led Italy in fact we always try to keep up to date on the new solutions in the market, so as to keep up with the times and take advantage of technological innovations to ensure greater public safety.

The GUARD LED system is the result of this search for constant updating: one of the most advanced products in LED street lighting design, not the simple LED street lamp, but a real innovation for road safety.

LED street lighting solutions made by Led Italy

A safer street
illuminated with Leds

Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers because the application increases safety thanks to a high absorption in case of impact; the coating made of solid soft polyurethane will reduce the impact power in case of accidents of vehicles and motorcycles.

We also remember that all the barriers have been subjected to crash tests of legislation and only after having passed them have obtained the CE certification.


Interactive because inside will be present our led lamps for street lighting.

The G-Light version will provide efficient and safe street lighting with low light pollution.
But if we talk about customizing lamps for public lighting and smart devices, then the product to refer to will be the G-Full line.

This polyurethane barrier will contain an innovative RGB signage lighting inside; this means that the Leds will be able to vary the color tone according to the need, proving very useful in many situations.

Street lighting lamp with stronger lights in case of poor visibility due to fog, a red colour to report any accidents or orange flashing in case of work in progress.

The led public lighting supply can also be managed remotely, thanks to the Remote Control, offering infinite configuration possibilities as well as increasing road safety.

Another important feature is the Security System that will collect all the information through IOT (Internet Of Things) technology and communicate it for example in case of failures, anomalies or attempted theft of the system.

In addition to street lighting, GUARD Leds can also be used for another useful purpose: information.
In fact, it is possible to apply advertising messages and notices in a simple and fast way.

Being products to be used for public LED lighting and therefore in outdoor environments, obviously they must be able to withstand both atmospheric agents and exposure to the sun for several hours during the day like LED street lamps.

Also in this case there will be no problem: the outer film has a resistance to temperatures between -50 and +90, as well as a 10-years warranty.

Road safety

These devices consist of a barrier covered with polyurethane and equipped with our best LED strips to be installed over the traditional guard-rail; being modular systems, will create a profile of led street lamps without interruptions on both sides; the system will therefore ensure safe driving even at night and with reduced visibility.

Going to revolutionize the old-fashioned traditional guard-rails equipped with simple reflective flags, this line of led street lamps will transform them into safety devices, both passive and active, with a dual function: shock absorbers and interactive.


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