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LED lighting for bridges

The design of the lighting for bridges is one of those devices able to aesthetically improve the city landscape in an effective way.

In fact, bridges are often underestimated and associated only with mere structures that allow the simple connection between two banks of a river or the overcoming of an obstacle.

In fact, if highlighted by a well-designed lighting design that highlights its characteristics, these could become real landmarks, going to positively change the skyline of the city center.

These places could therefore be transformed from anonymous infrastructures to real architectural monuments at night. Our led lighting supplies for bridges will certainly be able to fulfill this task thanks to all the different lines that we make available to designers.

For this type of LED lights we always recommend the additional treatment of ‘resinatura’ in order to protect the electronic circuitry from moisture, dust and ultraviolet rays that could compromise the operation.

Tips for the installation

A strategy to enhance construction details such as pylons, is the use of lights with a powerful and very narrow beam; these light devices can also be used to emphasize steel ropes if the bridge is provided.

Less powerful lights but with a very wide distribution angle, will instead be ideal for lighting very large surfaces.

For users who will pass on the bridge as pedestrians, cyclists or motorists, it will also be necessary to ensure visual safety and well-being. They must not be disturbed or dazzled by the lights on the footpaths or on the roadway.

Thanks to uniform illuminations, with light contrasts, anyone can move around the bridge in total safety.

LED lighting solutions for bridges made by Led Italy

A bridge of effect
enhanced with light

In the case of bridges, for example, two elements which must be particularly protected are the waters facing the bridge and the night sky above it; In fact, our LED lights should not alter or distort the normal areas of shadow naturally present in that specific environment avoiding the so-called phenomenon of night pollution.

It will therefore be the care of our technicians, go to orient in a precise and correct all the light beams installed so that bright aesthetics and nocturnal needs of animals and vegetation of the surrounding areas can coexist.

As for the assembly, here at Led Italy we make use of professionals who can operate in any condition, even suspended in the vacuum.

It happens in fact that depending on the type of installation, especially if the bridge is large and its spans are very wide, there is a need for a real team of operators on rope.

These specialist installers will be called into question in the case of the removal of old plants or installation of new lines in strategic points of the structure, often difficult to reach.

The rope technicians are skilled workers to carry out suspension assemblies; often it is necessary that they are lowered from above through specific ropes to operate under the arches of bridges or other places not reachable from below.

All operators will of course always work in safety and respecting all regulations, strict characteristics of our way of working.

The larger and more imposing the bridge, the more the lighting systems of Led Italy will highlight its appearance.

RGB light

Another advice that we can suggest, when designers are interested in giving a ‘personality’ to the light installation on the bridge, is the use of our collection of RGB dimmable lights.

Thanks to this type of led it will be possible to select a particular color shade for the creation of scenographic and decorative effects on the infrastructure.

One way of working with the lights that we at Led Italy care about, is to use, when necessary, a responsible lighting, that does not interfere in too much impact on the environment in which we are preparing the system.


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