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Design Service

Product design

Through our design service we design, prototype and produce every product on our catalog. When our products do not meet the needs of the customer, we take care of the creation of custom products starting from the search for the right materials, the most suitable LED, and the most appropriate control electronics presenting the design concept. Subsequently we develop a sampling to verify that the choices made and the materials used respond adequately to the initial needs. After checking the operation of the sample, the project passes to production and testing.

Lighting design

We deal with lighting design, developing projects that start from the analysis of specific needs aimed at enhancing the environments. In this way every architecture is highlighted by an effective dialogue between aesthetics and technique. Thanks to IT tools and calculation software, we transform our ideas into a lighting project. Every single detail is studied and personalized to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to the photometric readings made by our in-house laboratory, reliable results can be quickly obtained even on custom production.

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Photometry service

Our internal reading service allows to obtain realistic and always updated photometric curves of all our product catalog through the use of a photogoniometer which allows obtaining the photometric solid of the light source and obtaining valid results in terms of luminous flux (quantity of light) and color temperature (color of light). The data obtained by photometry are used, both for the lighting design of LED lighting products, and made available to the designer.
During the prototyping and product design phases, a photometric reading can be performed internally to verify that the quantity and color of the light are as expected.
The results obtained from the measurements are summarized in a report and in the creation of simulation files in the .LDT and .IES format.
As well as the resin coating service, the photometric laboratory inside the company is also available to take photometric readings for third parties quickly.

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Production Service

Automated Line

The internal production of the products in the catalog, as well as the custom ones, occurs through the use of latest generation machines (SMD) starting from the printed circuit, to the electronic components, up to the LEDs , giving life to the product. The quality of the product is thus constantly checked before final assembly.

Manual processing

The manual processes , also realized in the company, complete the production cycle guaranteeing the customization of the products for the LED lighting, as well as the executive precision of every single detail.

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Resin service

At Led Italy we have an internal resin line through which we make our products in the catalog.

The resin coating is the processing that incorporates the electronic part of our LED products into a protective volume that can be rigid or flexible, transparent, opaque or in different colors. This resin coating process guarantees to our LED lighting products external protection that conforms to International Protection standards (eg IP65-68 ), anti-UV filter, anti yellowing and salt corrosive action. The resins we use are two-component and certified polyurethane. Through controlled channeling times the resins reach the right degree of mixing, thus obtaining a perfect result.

This type of service, as well as the photometry service, as well as being applicable to our outdoor product catalog, it can be done on behalf of third parties in a short time. We also offer the possibility of resining LED bars, electronic boards, or any electronic device inside a container and part of the wiring that connects the device to the outside.

Our resin service , being always in operation and therefore constantly controlled and optimized, allows us to respond to requests promptly and with a high degree of quality without aesthetic defects.

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