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Led outdoor lighting

When we develop a lighting design for outdoor environments, among the first aspects that we consider there is definitely the soundness of the system. It is a feature that an led outdoor lighting system must necessarily have to be considered functional.

Unlike classic lighting products intended to be installed inside buildings, led outdoor lights, which are used for roads, public gardens, parks or courtyards, for they shall have no protection, being exposed to the elements twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week.

It is therefore evident that these exterior lighting systems must have greater resistance to bad weather.

Resistance to bad weather

As for the production products for lighting led for outdoor environments provided by us, the line Resin – Led Italy’ will certainly be among the most resistant and performing that can be found on the market today.

Our outdoor led lighting systems in the catalog can also be subjected to the internal resin process in order to make them even more robust and durable.

This process serves to better preserve electronic parts such as Leds and electric cables, from potentially harmful external agents such as ultraviolet rays, water, dust and moisture.

If you live in coastal areas very close to the sea, the internal resin process is almost mandatory to protect the outdoor lighting from corrosive action by the so-called marine aerosol.

This phenomenon occurs when, in case of very strong winds, the small particles of sodium chloride (sea salt) present in the water are raised from the surface of the sea and released into the atmosphere.

The resin system is made by incorporating the electrical components in a kind of protective volume; the latter may have specific characteristics according to the need: as for hardness can be flexible or rigid, as for the color there will be the variants: opaque, transparent or colored.

Led Italy also has safety as a priority for outdoor lighting products made: for this type of processing will be used only polyurethane resins bi-component certified.

This type of processing will make the LED lights conform to IP standards, acronym of International Protection, a classification system of the degree of protection of electronic devices; this means that our lighting systems with IP65-standard68, can even be totally immersed in water without suffering any malfunction.

Generally, to this type of lights, we always suggest to pair also the steel profiles ASI304 perfect to avoid the classic phenomenon of rust formation in courtyards exposed to the sea.

led variants

Thanks to this line you can feel at ease, using us specialists in the field that will guarantee as a result the perfect compromise between design and durability.

Whether you want to create a relaxing corner in which to host your friends in the garden, or light up green areas and benches, our systems offer a durable but always pleasing to the eye.

Motion sensor

Another device that we often mount on our outdoor lights is the motion sensor.

This solution is ideal for all those outdoor areas of passage that are crossed quickly; a classic example can be the driveway that leads from the yard to other rooms of the house: areas in which light will be needed only for a few seconds.

Then why don’t you avoid wasting your time and energy?

Simply install our detectors that, being equipped with an integrated sensor, will automatically switch on and off the light when a movement will be detected near the light holder.

3 light lines at your disposal + Lightex panel

Linea Luce Flex is available in 7 versions, each of which is organized in a total of 19 families with 89 LED variants available.

Linea Luce Profile is available in 10 versions, each of which is organized in a total of 56 families.

Linea Luce Strip Led is available in 6 versions and 1 uvc model, each of which is organized in a total of 38 LED variants available.

The Lightex is available in 3 types of Lightex panels, each of which you can choose brightness and size.

Our achievements

Led outdoor lighting made by Led Italy srl

Principe di Savoia hotel

Milano (MI), Italy – 2019

Sheraton hotel

Como (CO), Italy – 2019

Inpeco offices

Novazzano (CH), Switzerland – 2017

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