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LED lighting for working environments

Work environments are all those spaces where professionals and employees develop all their work assignments.

Although they are often underestimated, these places have a significant impact on the work carried out and are therefore decisive for the success of the entire company.

We at Led Italy know well that making the spaces even more comfortable through the LED lighting can be of great help to increase the productivity and well-being of employees; It follows that happy workers will be less willing to seek other occupations and above all will increase their capacity to produce.

Among the elements that have a major influence on them, sunlight is one of the most important aspects; there are numerous studies that confirm the best performance when the staff works in a room with a window and then exposed to sunlight.

Even the classic white, vitalizing and regenerating color, is not to be discarded but should be used more as a background or complement to other colors because if used on a large scale could have the power to destabilize or generate insecurity.

In this article we want to illustrate some features to keep in mind when planning the lighting of working environments such as offices, laboratories and banks.

Energy saving

The LED lights that we use in our installations, are able to emit a glow very similar to the sun, thus managing to generate the same feelings of serenity that you would have during the day, even after the sun has set.

On some realizations we can also install special dimmable Leds, that is lights of which we can adjust the light intensity, or the color; in fact, according to other studies, the colored light used to give a shade to the walls can affect some precise skills required for the performance of a work.

Orange is used to increase creativity, yellow is used to facilitate concentration, blue is one of the most relaxing colors for the brain, green is able to calm people.

LED lighting solutions for working environments made by Led Italy

An elegant office
furnished with light

Bank work is one of those professions that requires precision and reliability in order to be able to carry out all executive activities properly.

Whether you work in the back office accounting activities or you provide assistance to customers, in any case errors are not allowed in this work; for this reason our solutions of led lighting for banks sometimes provide the use of so-called “cold” lights but they keep both the concentration and the attention of the staff high.

We will therefore try to avoid dark or darker corners in the room, paying particular attention to workstations.


Even laboratories, being local dedicated to the study of certain topics or topics, are environments in which accuracy is essential. In these places scientific experiments and research are often carried out, or new techniques and ideas are tested.

Led lighting for laboratories, therefore, must be of high quality and functional, allowing for example the rapid detection of small objects. Depending on the case, balanced light ratios will also be necessary to allow the recognition of minimum chromatic variations.

Whether it is a school of chemistry and physics or private studies in the biological field, light sources will often be used suspended, adaptable in height and adjustable according to daylight.


The offices can be of many types: spacious openspace in which many workers are in close contact, rooms with different locations separated by partition panels, private offices dedicated to a single person.

Whatever the type of office, it will remain fundamental to satisfy all needs of workers to make these places comfortable and welcoming.

Our led office lighting will meet all the needs, both in terms of aesthetics and compliance with current regulations. The configurator on our site is a useful tool that we make available to designers and interior designers, to have immediately under control the whole range of configurations available.


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