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LED lighting for offices

We at Led Italy know how much the working environment can affect people’s productivity.

A space capable of conveying well-being and tranquility can also become a source of inspiration for workers, increasing their productivity and encouraging them to collaborate.

For this reason, we believe that a well-designed lighting design should be the starting point for the realization or modernization of working environments such as offices.


In these spaces the primary objective is to guarantee the correct illumination to the workers trying to employ lighting systems that are as similar as possible to natural light.

In fact, according to a study carried out by two researchers at the University of Cornell, solar lighting reduces the symptoms of visual fatigue such as headache and blurred vision by about 84%; It will therefore be an advantage to be able to alleviate these annoyances with office pendant lamps even in the evening hours when it will be necessary to resort to artificial lighting.

LED lighting solutions for offices made by Led Italy

An elegant office
furnished with light

The UGR, acronym of Unified Glare Rating, examines several characteristics including: the quality of the light output, their placement inside the room, the distance between the light sources and the observer and, finally, some characteristics of the environment itself such as size and bending index; all these factors will contribute to the evaluation of the annoying light glare value of office chandeliers.

The CRI, Color Rendering Index expressed in percentage value, indicates how much the colors of the objects appear natural when illuminated by a light source.

To have some reference we can consider that an excellent color rendering is between 85% and 100%, with values between 70% and 80% we will have a good yield, while it will be discreet for indices between 50% and 70%.

Now that we know better these parameters that will be useful in designing workplace lighting, we can indicate that, in an office where the view is not subjected to particular efforts, the LED light must be at least 300 lux.

In working environments where employees are employed in a way that necessarily implies a strong visual stress, it will be a good idea to use an led office lighting that reaches at least 500 lux.

Another feature to be taken into account when installing the lighting for workplaces will also be the height of the ceiling of the building.

In extremely high industrial buildings, in fact, when you have a false ceiling, you often resort to the use of ceiling lights with panels.

In case there is no ceiling, in the design of led lighting for offices you can use artificial light sources suspension.
This type of solution will ensure a more uniform lighting throughout the room.

Finally, for those small rooms where there is no continuous presence of staff, such as secondary offices or areas for photocopying and other machinery, The installation of LED lights equipped with presence detectors that could reduce or disable the luminous flux when there are no people present can be evaluated; This type of office lamps present in our lighting led supplies for offices are often winning solutions that can further lower energy consumption.

As for the regulations concerning the design led lighting for offices, it is necessary to refer to the UNI EN 12464-1:2011; this standard titled Enlightment in workplaces refers to all the requirements of light sources for persons in indoor workplaces; it covers all the usual visual tasks, including those requiring the use of video terminal equipment.

The three parameters to be respected with regard to lighting in the workplace will be: the level of illumination, the UGR (that is, the degree of glare of the annoying type) and the CRI (the Chromatic Rendering Index).

The Level of Illumination identifies the mean value of illumination on the working plane of the chosen environment; it is expressed in lux, the unit of measure of the luminous flux per unit of surface.


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