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Lighting for private homes

When building or renovating a dwelling is started, it often happens that the lighting part is relegated to marginal attention compared to everything else.

In these cases, in fact, it happens that by now it is too late to have placed the light points in an uncomfortable way or that certain areas of the house remain too dark, perhaps neglecting the enhancement of some important furnishing accessories.

We at Led Italy, working for over ten years in the italian led lights sector, know these dynamics well and know how to avoid them. With this little guide we want to provide some advice that you should take into account when you are preparing to design or renovate the lighting of your home.

The use of led lights for home and garden will also allow you to combine them with any material; in fact, they develop a very small amount of heat allowing their use in a creative way and in different contexts.

After explaining what a lighting project is, we would like to offer some suggestions regarding the main environments and the led lighting design for home.

Lighting design

First of all it is good to think immediately about the creation of a lighting project, that is a plan that goes to realize a lighting system of the environments that takes into account both artificial and natural light.

When we approach the realization of this type of design we always try to ensure each room of the house the correct amount of light taking into account different factors such as the physical characteristics of the spaces, the aesthetics of the environment, the visual well-being, the needs of the customer obviously respecting the regulations in force. Each project will be different and unique, being closely related to the specificity of the living environment in which it will fit.

Among the various possible home lighting solutions, we always suggest to orient towards the led for the home. This type of lights are in fact the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, also ensuring low consumption compared to the classic neon lamps or incandescent bulbs now obsolete.

LED lighting solutions for private homes, homes made by Led Italy

An elegant house
furnished with light

The bathroom, although it may seem simple to design, actually needs a careful analysis. The room will be illuminated with sources of light not too powerful, but you will obviously have to remember that the area next to the mirror instead will require a bright light that allows you to perceive all the details, but does not alter the vision of colors.

These are just some of the strategies that, thanks to our know-how on services and supplies led lighting for private homes, will be available to any customer, designer, architect or interior designer interested in bringing innovation and creativity in the lighting industry.


The living room is the most frequented area among the home premises. For this reason you will need to have it as well as it will be necessary to have different light sources, also arranging multiple switches in the room, in order to favor a proper lighting. In some areas reserved for small relaxation areas instead it will be useful to use a softer light, to create a small “reserved environment” inside the living room itself.

In the kitchen instead, it is good that the reserved part of the work surface and stove are well lit. In fact, since this area of the house is the one where statistically more domestic accidents occur, it is better to reduce the percentage through perfect lighting. Generally the main source of light is positioned in the center of the room in order to ensure a homogeneous light to all the environment and appliances; we also remember that by law, the hood above the stove must be equipped with its own lighting.

The bedroom, in addition to being the place for rest, is an area of the house where you relax for example reading a book before sleeping. Precisely, for these reasons, in addition to the main lighting of the room, it will be important to provide light points located on the sides of the bed and low intensity so as not to disturb those who sleep next to it.

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