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LED lighting for shops

At Led Italy, we also supply among our solutions led lighting for shops, ideal devices for the realization of exhibition spaces that are brilliant and highlight the quality of the products sold.
Here are some categories of exhibitors who, relying on our lighting systems, will certainly be able to stand out from competitors thanks to the use of led lights and precise planning strategies for the realization of plants.

Shopping centres and shops

The design of the lighting systems for a commercial center and the shops present in it, is a complex activity that surely must be entrusted to companies experienced in the field.

The installation of led lighting for shopping centers is a job that requires careful organization since it will operate in large buildings, able to accommodate daily thousands of people.

Energy saving is among the main strengths that push us to suggest the use of LED lighting, especially in those areas where there are many lights.

In addition to the main building, it is necessary that the commercial activities and shop windows inside are consistent: thanks to our led lighting system for shops, We will be able to transmit to the end users an image of uniformity and compliance with all the surrounding environment.

LED lighting solutions for Stores made by Led Italy

An elegant room
furnished with light
Car and motorbike dealerships

Even in this type of exercise lighting plays a key role that is closely linked to the sale of products, in this case cars and motorcycles.

Showrooms are generally spacious and have very high ceilings, often requiring the installation of high power lights.

Going to illuminate especially metal bodies, the fundamental task that led lighting for car and motorcycle dealerships will have to perform, will be the perfect color rendering of vehicles on display as well as the reduction of all shadows.

Bars and pastry shops

Activities such as bars and pastry shops need careful planning, not only for the rooms where customers are welcomed, but especially for the exhibitors of the products sold.

Pastries, cakes and other sweets should always be attractive, avoiding too much bright lighting that could make the coloring not natural. In commercial premises such as these it is therefore preferable to avoid the use of fluorescent lamps for two very important reasons: staining and heat.

The traditional lighting for shops systems in fact have the unpleasant characteristic of producing unsightly green reflections on the white icing and cream of pastries making them less inviting.

Another important requirement for the lights on shelves and refrigerated counters is to produce as little heat as possible to avoid the phenomenon of “melting” of products on sale.

The led lighting for bars and patisseries produced by us of Led Italy, is perfect to solve these problems that could arise instead with traditional lighting systems.


Our led lighting for restaurants can really make a difference in these stores. This statement does not only refer to the presentation of the room, but also to the consumption of meals by customers.

According to a study carried out by some American researchers, using the correct lighting in your restaurant you can increase the time of stay of diners, as well as encouraging them to increase the consumption of food and drinks.

The provisions of the led lights should therefore be designed with particular care, so as to associate the room with an environment that reflects with consistency the type of catering that is proposed.

To give a few practical examples, a restaurant that has as the largest clientele couples, must necessarily create a more “intimate” atmosphere thanks to softer and dim lights; on the other hand, if the restaurant has customers as families with children or groups of friends, It would be better to orient yourself on LED lights positioned in the walls to give a sense of depth to the room.

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An attentive professional and well trained staff has followed us from the elaboration of the initial idea to the delivery of the products themselves.
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Arch. Paolo Giunta

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