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LED lighting for retail stores

In this small guide, we want to provide some basic tips suitable for all those sellers who are in the process of changing or updating the lighting system of their stores.

As always, the premise is that there is not a single type of LED light suitable for all shops, but every commercial establishment will have LED lamps for shops customized according to the type.

We at Led Italy will analyze case by case the specific needs of each business and thanks to our led lighting systems for shops and showcases we will be able to highlight any commercial activity and products sold by it.

Here are our tips of retail lighting solutions divided by activity category.

Jewelry store

If you think of any item to buy in a jewelry store, the first adjective that comes to mind will definitely be bright.

The purpose of LED lighting for JEWELERS is precisely this fact: make the items on sale even brighter.

Through LED lights for shops that create an intense and penetrating light correctly positioned on the products, it will be possible to increase the value perceived by customers.

The jewelry is in fact one of the few shops in which the display cases and windows will have to be illuminated in an almost exaggerated way.

LED lighting solutions for retail stores made by Led Italy

An elegant shop
furnished with light

Clothing store

The clothing point of sale, unlike other outlets such as the pharmacy or jewelery, thanks to the projects of shops for shops, can decide to use shop lamps with certain shades of light in order to be consistent with the shop style of the same and the type of clothing sold.

If it is treated the sale of modern and elegant clothing you can opt for very cold shop lights; if instead among the products include clothes more ‘country’ and less sought after then you can use the lights warmer.

The dressing rooms of the clothing stores are another very important area even if you wouldn’t say: it is here that in fact the process of purchase by the customer takes shape or not.

In these delicate areas, it will therefore be a good idea not to use LED lights for shops that are too strong and avoid that they are aimed directly at customers in order to avoid any emphasis on small defects.


Even for optical stores the imperative is to use retail led lighting that highlights the product sold and in particular the frames of the glasses.

You will then have to use LED lights that can be placed in the mirrors, highlighting the color of the glasses, but obviously avoiding dazzle the customer while trying the product.

As for the showcase, to highlight the models of colored glasses, just insert light colors with white light.

Shoes store

In these stores the lighting of the product will be put in the foreground compared to the rest of the store.

The artificial light, always positioned at the top, will have to look as much as possible to the solar one in order to faithfully reflect the colors of the shoe.

The lights of the rooms will highlight the exposure of all the footwear, both in the window and in the shelves.

Other decisive points to illuminate clearly and brilliantly will be the spaces in which customers measure shoes.

Barber shop and hairdressing

When preparing a lighting project for hairdressers, we will have to divide the lighting into three different types: the generic, intermediate and accent.

Through generic lighting will generate a background light for the entire environment; the intermediate lights instead will have to highlight special areas for work such as reception, armchairs and washing area, while the accent lights will be oriented to particular objects or furnishings.


Even a lighting project for pharmacies will have to take into account the specificity of some areas of the store.

In the counter will need a direct light and without shadows useful both to the pharmacist and to the customers, sometimes elderly people who may have visual difficulties in too dark environments.

For the shelves, instead, LED spotlights for shops sufficiently positioned to give a slight backlighting on the products.

In the last analysis this type of resale cannot be exempted from the external presence of the luminous sign that will have to be shaped like a cross and with the classic green led lighting on one or both sides.

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