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LED lighting for Pizzerias and Restaurants

A good lighting system can be a powerful ally to make environments such as pizzerias and restaurants rich in style, personality and atmosphere.

In these rooms the artificial light in addition to the classic function of illuminating adequately all environments, will also have another important role: to influence positively the judgment of the quality of service perceived by customers.

Some studies have been conducted on the influence at first sight that led lighting for pizzerias can have on the customers and the results make us understand how crucial this can be.

In the research, when the room had lights too bright or on the contrary too dark, 72% of the clientele who randomly entered the room abandoned it almost immediately. When the lights were adequate and hospitable 74% of guests stayed longer in the room.

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Energy saving

A minimum initial expenditure to properly care for the lighting project of these catering services would therefore be amortised even in the short term by higher revenues.

According to the most established lighting designers, in this field it is preferable to choose warm lights, compared to cold ones, because the former can give the customer a greater feeling of relaxation.

When we talk about hot lights, we mean the kind of lamp that doesn’t exceed 3,000 degrees Kelvin.

LED lighting solutions for Pizzerias and Restaurants made by Led Italy

An elegant restaurant
furnished with light

Kitchen lighting

Thanks to led lighting systems design , we at Led Italy will also be able to support any atmosphere or style that you want to give to your room, through our lights dedicated to the catering industry.

As for the kitchen, the preparation of dishes will need a precise restaurant lighting system and dedicated to high brightness; an excellent solution could be recessed LED spotlights with a narrow opening beam but with a high CRI, so that the chef and his helpers don’t lose even one detail before getting the food out of the kitchen.

As for the led lighting for restaurants and especially the one needed to highlight the goodness of food and desserts shown in the counter of the products on display, it will have to return an excellent color rendering. This is why it is important to choose the most suitable lights for restaurants, such as natural or warm light based on the foods to be proposed.

Colored LED lamps can be used but in moderation. One of the points where it is more correct to use them is the bar corner; in this reserved space of the room it will be correct to install colored LED strips arranged at the rear of the bar in order to visually entertain customers.

If you have a very large room, the lighting for rooms can also be used to guide customers, playing with contrasts of brightness.

Another important way to stay up to date in the lighting field is to find out about current trends in lighting for restaurants, so as to be prepared to adopt all the news on lighting for clubs.

In fact, if it is true that fashions are born and die very quickly, even in the visual field some are destined to remain.

This is why often, even for places such as pizzerias and restaurants we talk about a return to the origins; for example, the use of lamps without lampshades or suspension solutions in the counters back in vogue.

In the final analysis, when designing the lighting system for your activity you will always have to try to find the right balance between design and functionality.

It will therefore be a must to choose a lighting system that is decorative and provides a ‘character’ to the room, but at the same time it is perfectly functional for both staff and customers.

Lighting tables

If it is true that a LED light can not make a pizza more tasty, it is also true that it can instead go to influence the perception of the customer creating a condition of well-being that will be reflected indirectly on the evaluation of the food just tasted.

It will therefore be essential to use lamps for restaurants that properly illuminate the tables and especially that highlight the color of food in the dishes.

For this purpose we suggest to use systems that reach a chromatic rendering index (CRI) of at least 90% (by law in a restaurant it is not possible to install lights with less than 80% CRI).



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