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LED lighting for dealerships and Workshops

Car and motorbike dealerships, being companies that deal with the purchase, repair and sale of vehicles, as well as being spaces in which to present vehicles must be able to convey real emotions to potential customers.

We at Led Italy know how the lighting system in these buildings can be an important element to highlight the materials and especially the colors of the vehicles to be exposed to the public.

Our led lighting production must be able to be consistent with the brand identity of the showroom through a well-designed scenography that is able to awaken emotions both in the end customer and in the public on a larger scale.

The auto and moto dealership will have to succeed, also through the artificial lights, to convey the main message, the mission of the brand that can be different for every company: elegance, reliability, transparency, innovation.

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  • concessionari e officine


The buildings that house car and motorbike dealerships are often divided into two different spaces in which the relative professionals take care of the different activities: sale and repair.

The part dedicated to the sale will be characterized by large spaces in which aesthetics and design will be the master. In the section reserved for repair and maintenance of vehicles the keywords will be practicality and safety.

This differentiation of the activity will be reflected not only in the spaces, but also in the led lighting systems for car and motorbike dealerships.

In spite of the exhibition, in fact, in these environments that often host real workshops, professionals will have to work in perfect conditions of efficiency putting aside the attention to design.

LED lighting solutions for Dealers and Workshops and made by Led Italy

An elegant dealership
furnished with light
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The CRI (from the English Color Rendering Index) identifies the index of chromatic rendering, that is a numerical value that indicates the ability of a light source to return the chromatic tonalities and the colors of the illuminated objects in the most faithful way possible; it is established on a scale of 0 to 100, where 100 is the same colour rendering as sunlight.

To give a practical example, the CRI could be very important in the lighting systems of a bodybuilder: for this type of work it is essential to have lights that can give chromatic greenness to the bodywork of vehicles.

With UGR instead (acronym of Unified Glare Rating) is indicated the degree of glare present in an environment; by law there are limits within which this parameter must be included as the right lighting must ensure the best welfare but above all greater safety for workers.

Some undesirable effects of glare may be reduced concentration, fatigue or increased error margins which could be very dangerous in the working environment of a workshop.

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Now that we have understood what the parameters of CRI and UGR indicate it should be quite clear that the designer who will build a led lighting system for workshops will pay greater attention to this last parameter than the color rendering index (also useful but of secondary importance in this context).

As for the lighting system for the workshop, especially when the spaces are very large, it will be necessary to install artificial lights that are quite powerful, able to deliver up to 2500 lumens. Some light sources should possibly be mobile so that they can be moved according to the work to be done.

Since workshops are places where it is very common to handle particular liquid substances (for example engine oil, coolant or brake fluid) and above all it is easy to generate dust we can only recommend the use of our LED lights equipped with IP65-68 combined with the resin system, the most resistant and durable of our catalog.

Thanks to this type of processing, in fact, our LED strips will be incorporated in a protective volume consisting of a polyurethane resin and will therefore be resistant to dust and liquids ensuring a proper functioning even if immersed in water.


From the point of view of aesthetics the comparison with the showroom would be lost at the start as the ultimate goal of these workplaces is not to be able to sell as many vehicles as possible, be they cars or motorcycles, but to perform its maintenance or repair in the shortest time possible.

This does not mean that the mechanics have to work in narrow or poorly lit rooms, but simply emphasizes the priority of practicality over beauty.

In the workshops, therefore, during the implementation of the lighting project, the UGR will be given greater importance than the CRI.
If these acronyms may have seemed meaningless know that for us of Led Italy are the daily bread!

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