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Led interior lighting

As far as housing is concerned, Europe has decided to move towards the sustainable construction of buildings, given that construction is one of the most energy-intensive sectors.

Even Italy has adapted to this purpose for several years with the law 90/2013 according to which all the buildings of new construction will have to be nzeb (near Zero Energy Building), or almost zero energy needs thanks to indoor led lamps.

Among the various building elements, also our led lighting systems for interiors can surely contribute to the construction of a building with high energy efficiency.


Led home lights by Led Italy in fact, in addition to being a perfect alternative to traditional ones, will also ensure many more benefits such as longer life, impact resistance and the decrease of their environmental impact.

The LEDs for the home, thanks to the considerable reduction in electricity consumption will therefore make the building high energy performance.

Obviously the only led lights for interior will not be enough to have a well-lit home; for this reason we of Led Italy, in addition to the supply of LED lighting for home interiors, we also plan a suitable lighting design before installation of interior led lights.

It would not make sense to be equipped with the best products if then the positioning of indoor LED lamps in the environments was not strategic.

Precisely for this reason we have created a small guide that can be useful when studying the lighting solutions for interiors of different home environments.

led variants

In the bedrooms you will definitely need to install a general light that properly illuminates the center of the room, possibly consisting of a ceiling light, coupled with two independent and softer lights that will be positioned on the side of the bed in order to be used if necessary to avoid disturbing the person who will be sleeping.

Living room

Among the spaces of the house, the living room will be the one on which a careful lighting design will be made. In fact, we can give this environment, through the choice of lights, a real personality.

Obviously, in indoor LED lighting, the light sources must be consistent with the furniture and offer both a decent amount of light, and more illuminated points to emphasize some of the details present in the living room.

Besides the furniture, three other important factors to take into account will be the height of the ceiling, the color of the walls and the flooring.

Our production products for led lighting will allow designers and interior designers to unleash their creative side thanks to the great variety of colors offered: light a particular corner of the living room with bright tones (using colors such as yellow or red) or colder gradations (through green or blue) will be an operation within everyone’s reach thanks to Led Italy.

Whatever characteristics you decide to give to the spaces of your home, choosing the products of Led Italy you will always have at your disposal quality LED lights, high luminous efficiency and color rendering of the highest level, but above all also of the real Masters of Light who will help you in the design.

Entrance and corridors

The entrance is that part of the house that generally does not need a very strong interior led lighting as well as the corridors; being temporary transit areas will be sufficient some LED strips with low intensity light.


This part of the house can be divided into a part reserved for the preparation of meals and another where they are consumed, usually consisting of a table.

For the first, the led interior lights must necessarily be sufficiently clear and bright to allow working with care and especially in safety; it will also be possible to install small light bars under the wall units so that the work surface is even easier and brighter.

The part where the dining table is present can be illuminated by LED spotlights on the ceiling that can be oriented in the direction of the chairs of the diners and towards the center of the table.

3 light lines at your disposal + Lightex panel

Linea Luce Flex is available in 7 versions, each of which is organized in a total of 19 families with 89 LED variants available.

Linea Luce Profile is available in 10 versions, each of which is organized in a total of 56 families.

Linea Luce Strip Led is available in 6 versions and 1 uvc model, each of which is organized in a total of 38 LED variants available.

The lightex is available in 3 types of Lightex panels, each of which you can choose brightness and size.

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