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LED lighting for shopping malls and large sales areas

Shopping malls are complex buildings built to accommodate various commercial activities such as supermarkets, shops, cinemas, bookshops, restaurants and newsagents.

These places visited daily by thousands of people, are the reference point both for those who go to make purchases and for those who simply want to spend some free time to watch the windows in relaxation.

Generally they are structures articulated on several levels, connected by escalators and sometimes equipped with open spaces.

Precisely because of all these characteristics, we at Led Italy believe that led lighting systems design for this type of building complex needs careful planning.


In this type of projects, in fact, you will have to be able to enhance the volumes while trying to observe a general coherence, also paying close attention to the downsizing of management consumption.

Our led lighting production is able to meet all these requirements, as well as to comply with current regulations.

Since led lighting for shopping centers is a complex type to design, we thought of dividing this small guide in the four main macro-areas of which most shopping centers are composed: transit and relaxation areas, shops and shop windows, supermarket and warehouse.

Here are some suggestions on the type of artificial lights to use.

LED lighting solutions for shopping centers and large surfaces made by Led Italy

An elegant center
furnished with light

Shops and shop windows

As for led retail lighting, we at Led Italy will study from time to time which strategy to use according to the type of product sold.

In any case, special attention will be paid in the light fixture dedicated to the showcase.

This will be enhanced thanks to the use of LED spotlights, whose beam of light will be able to focus the attention of the observer on the product on display.


Now in any shopping center you can find a large supermarket GDO (ie intended for Large Organized Distribution). Among the products sold in this area, we find most food.

Here are some tips on the LED lights to be used for each type of food, which highlights freshness and quality.

As for fruits and vegetables we will then use an led lighting for supermarkets that is able to enhance both the colors and shapes; these lights must have a higher color rendering index of 90%.

For meat we recommend using LED lights with red-looking chromatic components to accentuate the liveliness.

On the contrary, to illuminate the fish, we suggest natural white lights even here with a chromatic rendering greater than 90%.

Baked goods such as bread and pastries will be illuminated with a Gold light, with a warm intensity and a higher colour rendering of 92%.

Thanks to this type of led in fact, the products will appear fragrant and crisp, arousing a greater desire to buy customers.


In these environments sometimes the visibility can be really poor, because often the few natural light sources such as windows, are covered by the imposing mass of products stacked.

It will therefore be necessary to use well-distributed artificial light sources that allow a quick search between the goods and the subsequent recovery without waste of time.

Depending on how the shelves and shelves are organized, it may be necessary to have light sources in the walls as well as from above.

Transit and relaxation areas

The large transit spaces that connect the rest areas with the shops on various levels, need adequate lighting.

The lighting for shopping centers will have to generate in the users of the shopping center, a state of well-being and tranquility that will encourage not only the permanence, but also the purchase.

For corridors and stairs it will be possible to use classic ceiling lights, while the rest and relaxation areas will be highlighted by spotlights or LED strips.


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