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LED lighting for bars and pastry shops

Bars and pastry shops are places in which the winning point often comes from the friendliness of the manager or the goodness of the prepared products.

Many owners however, focusing on these factors, do not devote enough attention to the lighting of the structure thinking (erroneously) that it is something secondary.

To make you understand how this type of reasoning can be inaccurate and counterproductive for your business, just answer this simple question: Have you ever been in a bar for the very first time and after a few minutes immediately felt the desire to leave away because the low and dark lighting were giving the idea of a dark and almost reserved place to the only people of the place?

If you have had this experience you may understand how important the right lighting positioning is.

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At Led Italy instead we want to realize through our led lighting for bar the exact opposite of the experience described above: a bright place, with an attractive design and that immediately puts at ease any customer who crosses the threshold of the room.

The professional who will realize the lighting project will have to focus on choosing the correct intensity of the lights so that it can give the right visibility inside the structure without being too bright but not too low.

Among the first considerations to do we must try to understand what type of activities we will operate: it will be useful to know whether the bar will work more during the day or otherwise in the evening and at night.

LED lighting solutions for bars made by Led Italy

A stylish bar
furnished with light

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Counter and tables

Beyond these indications, there are some light solutions that bars open during the day will have in common with the led lighting for pastry shop.

As for the counter, the ideal choice would be to provide the main light source exactly above it; if in your room you have a glass counter or otherwise transparent, you could opt for an innovative choice, placing some LED strips inside the same.

For the back of the counter instead you can use suspension lamps that thanks to their beam of direct light will be the right combination of practicality and aesthetics as well as give a refined style ‘also to the area of professionals.

If the bar or bakery are equipped with tables for consumption, it is possible to create a characteristic atmosphere thanks to the use of artificial lights such as LED spotlights or wall lights.

In these locations where customers sit to enjoy a moment of relaxation in which to enjoy and share their favorite pastry, small chandeliers with warm and soft light will be perfect to indulge the climate of relaxation.

If it is not possible to install the chandeliers, you can also fold on small lamps positioned directly above the coffee tables.

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Shop windows

Another area to be highlighted by lighting will be the shop windows. These small exhibitors will contain the products made daily by the pastry chef and must therefore emphasize the freshness as well as goodness. A better lighting in fact will serve both to show the quality of food, and to entice customers to make the purchase.

For this purpose can be used LED strips consisting of recessed profiles along the horizontal part of the shelves; The light source used must be diffused and with a high index of color rendering so that the colors remain as faithful as possible without distorting in shades that may make them unattractive.

If you are in doubt about the temperature of the lights, just refer to the usual rule that provides a warm light for products such as bread and pastries, while a blue LED light for products such as pastries and cream puffs.

Lighting studied in detail

In the first case, in fact, it will be preferable to use particularly intense lights to make the environment more lively, in the second instead it will be more appropriate to use softer and softer lights in order to create a more refined and elegant space.

The right placement in your room will have an important influence on the behaviour of the customers of the store regardless of whether it is a bar service or a meal.

Any angle should be properly designed so that the light beams will place an emphasis on both the exhibitors and on particular areas of the room that we want to highlight.

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