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LED lighting for laboratories

Having proper lighting is a very important factor for laboratories, as they are equipped premises that provide controlled conditions in which to perform measurements, research and scientific experiments.

The term laboratory comes from the Latin word laboratorium. The etymology of the word also indicates that in these particular places many hours are spent dedicated to the work and study of certain phenomena.

Precisecisely for this reason, among the most important features that we take into account when dealing with led lighting design for laboratories, we always remember to avoid the use of lights that could generate the so-called effect ‘Flicker’.

With this term we refer to the instability of light produced by lamps, also known to many as flickering.


Normally, old incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps are switched on and off about a hundred times in a second, thus producing a flicker at a frequency of about 100 hertz; Usually the human eye does not consciously perceive flicker patterns that have a frequency of over 100 hertz, although some research indicates that these may affect brain neurons.

Often in fact it can happen to spend a few hours in places where this type of effect is more pronounced, and generally when you leave rooms like these you feel immediately tired and disoriented even if you were not doing any particular activity.

It is just one of the many examples in which the flashing of lighting can cause disturbances and exhaustion.

LED lighting solutions for Led Laboratories made by Led Italy

A laboratory
furnished with light

Another important factor that must be taken into account when designing LIGHTING LED SUPPLIES FOR LABORATORIES is connected to the supports used in these places: the tables.

Although sometimes it is not noticed, the workstations in the laboratories are often made of glass or in any case in very shiny surfaces to ensure their resistance to the various chemical compounds used and especially for easier cleaning.

The problem is that if the light sources that we are going to install are too strong, there may be the unpleasant drawback that the light is reflected on the surfaces, dazzling and bothering the worker.
To avoid this kind of complications, we suggest to use chandeliers equipped with satin diffusers in order to solve this type of problem.

In addition to the laboratories of experimentation and chemical-physical analysis, another type with which we sometimes happen to work are the craft workshops; these premises can be exercises such as glassworks, tailors and workshops of painting and sculpture.

In these cases, unlike the first, will be carried out mostly manual activities related to art and creativity.

As for the environments, among the general indications we remind you that the lights that illuminate the work table should not be too central or too backward compared to the craftsman; By doing so we will avoid that the shadow of the same goes to project itself on the base where the artist will be working.

It will then be sufficient to place the LED lights at the top but in a slightly advanced position with respect to the seat.

If we have the possibility, a good way to avoid areas of shadow altogether is to ensure that the light does not come from a single direction.

The last fact to consider in these environments is that often the light is kept on even during the day, because it is necessary a constant and well-spread lighting throughout the work area.

We must therefore pay attention to consumption, but thanks to the efficiency of the Leds this last point will not be a problem: with our products the costs will be reduced up to twelve times compared to the classic incandescent bulbs.

Anti-fatigue light

It is therefore clear that in a lighting project for this type of environments, we of Led Italy will use a product production for led lighting.

The Leds, in fact, when the implant is well designed, are immune to the flicker effect; all this will be reflected in a healthy working environment that will avoid symptoms such as tired eyes, migraines and nausea at the end of the day for workers.

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