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LED lighting for banks

Banks are public or private institutions engaged in financial intermediation, such as the collection of savings and the exercise of credit towards customers, which may be both private citizens and businesses.

As you can imagine, in this type of working reality the watchwords are precision and sobriety, characteristics that will inevitably be reflected not only in the work environment but also on the design of the lighting system.

Our lighting supplies led banking sector will be optimized to give a lighting atmosphere of class and to fully support all the activities carried out by the different types of workers who will operate in the institution.

Uffici impeco

If we think that currently the work of a bank counter operator is one of the few jobs in which there is still a dress code to be respected, it is not surprising that to carry out this activity are necessary as moderation requirements, analytical skills and accuracy.

The counter operator is in fact one of the most common figures in the bank being the point of contact between client and financial institution.

He provides assistance in transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, credit transfers or simple checking of current accounts.

Precisely because of the delicacy of the operations to be carried out, he must be supported by adequate lighting.

LED lighting solutions for banks made by Led Italy

An elegant bank
furnished with light
Waiting rooms and counters

One of the few areas of the credit institution where we believe it is correct to use a type of artificial light less ‘classic’ and where you can also use colored Leds in the lighting project will be the waiting room.

These spaces in fact will have the task of making pleasant and comfortable waiting for customers before being served; It will then be possible to install RGB led lights that are obviously consistent with the shade of color mainly present on the walls and furniture chosen by the interior designer.

However, we must be very careful not to exaggerate by avoiding excessively incisive gradations that could create too marked a contrast with the other adjacent working environments.

We at Led Italy think that the correct light balance in these areas should therefore create spaces pleasantly informal able to put customers at ease, almost as if they were at home.

Other decisive and decidedly important points that are now not lacking in almost any bank, are the Atms or ATM (translated from the English Automated Teller Machine).

These electronic devices are used by customers to automatically withdraw money from their bank account; they can be located both inside and outside the institution.

External automatic teller machines

Obviously, when they are located inside the bank, being in a protected environment, they will not need particular lighting solutions exploiting those present inside the building.

When they are positioned externally it will be necessary to plan carefully the installation of the light sources necessary for their use; It will be possible to use LED spotlights with adequate brightness to make visible not only the ATM but also the entire surrounding area, performing a double task: functionality and safety.

The positioning of the LED headlights will be carried out with great care and trying to avoid that the light arrives directly on the monitor of the device in order to avoid the glare of the users.

As far as security is concerned, a large illuminated area, which also brings light to areas adjacent to the automatic door, will certainly be less targeted by any vandals or ill-intentioned than could happen to spaces left in twilight or with poor lighting.


Thanks to our led lighting design for banks, we at Led Italy will greatly lighten the heavy effort on sight and concentration that this work requires.

The suggestion is therefore to install lights from the cold temperature that will serve precisely to reach the right level of concentration and attention, avoiding areas of shadow on the workstation.

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