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LED lighting for urban furniture

Improving the quality and livability of public spaces for people is the primary purpose of urban furniture.

In these areas, even lighting can be crucial to highlight some fundamental aspects of an environment, managing to modify to a large extent the urban scenarios without altering the forms.

Thanks to led urban lighting it is possible to show people how to transform in the night hours the places that are lived during the hours of light.


For a long time, street lighting has been conceived as a simple functional tool to ensure orientation and safety for the inhabitants of a given location.

We at Led Italy, however, believe that it can play an important role in urban furniture if exploited to also provide a ‘cultural identity’ to places.

Thanks to qualified professionals such as architects and lighting designers, artificial light can then be transformed into an architectural language that can become a central element in the redevelopment of cities.

LED lighting solutions for Arredo Urbano made by Led Italy

An urban center
furnished with light

Lighting design

Obviously the lighting project will include a series of elements to be seen and not to be underestimated. Among the main factors we will find safety and energy saving.

The first element will concern mainly the lighting of urban roads; it must therefore be very bright to ensure proper perception of obstacles, but must nevertheless avoid dazzling drivers.

Security must also cover the psychological and physical aspects of people, meaning that they can ‘live the night in peace’, thus avoiding vandalism or crime.

The energy saving element has always been the primary concern of our customers.
On the one hand, it carries out important functional tasks, but on the other hand it risks being an additional costly item to be included in the municipal budget.

Fortunately, thanks to the use of our led urban lighting systems, perfect for reducing energy consumption, this item will no longer be a problem.

When we talk about led lighting supplies for urban furniture, another important urban tool to consider is the PRIC, acronym of Town Lighting Development Plan.

This document in fact regulates all the different types of lighting, becoming a real guide to light design going to map all the light points and lighting systems of the city.

The aim of the PRIC is in fact to survey all existing systems in order to regulate new installations and plan the maintenance or replacement of obsolete urban lighting systems.

Being not yet mandatory, nowadays most Italian municipalities have not yet adopted a PRIC; however, we at Led Italy believe that, in the context of the planning of a lighting project of urban furniture, Having a tool like this can be more of an opportunity than a disadvantage.

Thanks to it, in fact, the designer will already have a series of in-depth data available that, in addition to simplifying the work, will provide knowledge of the urban context in which it will operate.

In the final analysis, therefore, only by taking into account all the parameters analyzed above will we be able to promote new night scenarios in our cities, paying attention to the surrounding ecosystem.

The design of lighting systems for urban furniture is sometimes a complex work also because of the plurality of the needs of different users: citizens, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Among the different scenarios, the main places in which to intervene related to urban lighting we will find: green areas, pedestrian paths, the facades of buildings, monuments, fountains, the road system.

In most of these cases it will be possible to install illuminations that may vary according to needs, while in others, such as street lighting, The light source should be more ‘constant’ as it will be necessary to comply with regulations concerning road traffic and light pollution.


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