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LED lighting for Wellness Center and Spa

When we talk about companies that operate in the area of wellness and body care, we often refer to the ‘wellness centers’ and ‘spa’ using these words as if they were synonymous.

These two terms actually identify places with some characteristics in common but wanting to be precise, and we at Led Italy are always when we face a new lighting project, there are some differences that it is good to know.

The Spa can be a spa or a company that offers its customers water-based treatments for the care of the body; we talk about hydrotherapy in case of thermal water and thalassotherapy if seawater is used. Often at the basis of many therapies there is just the use of alternating phases of hot and cold water.

The wellness center instead, unlike the spa, has as main treatments those based on manual massages and therapeutic beauty paths; moreover these centers can also include a spa within them.


Now that we have clarified this distinction, we can focus on the analysis of some features that will have to possess the led lighting system for wellness and spa prepared for these places of relaxation.

Being areas where customers have to ease tensions, freeing their minds and eliminating daily stress, one of the main rules to remember in spa lighting will be not to use excessively strong light sources but LEDs for spas.

Any choice will be evaluated also according to the specific environment in which a specific treatment will be carried out: the showers will have wellness lighting different from the relaxation areas, as well as the massage rooms will be equipped with lights different from the pools.

LED lighting for Wellness Center and Spa made by Led Italy

An elegant center
furnished with light
Showers and swimming pools

Led lighting for wellness centers, being environments in which water is widely used, must necessarily be equipped with LED lights with high IP protection.

This acronym, meaning International Protection, is used to indicate the degree of protection from water of electrical equipment enclosures; generally the acronym is followed by a pair of numbers and letters indicating the level of protection.

In the showers will be a winning choice the use of strips composed of dimmable Leds, that is that they can change color: this type of spa led light is perfect for the use of chromotherapy (alternative medicine that uses colors as a cure).

As for led lighting for spa, often equipped with swimming pools, it will be necessary to use a light that can clearly highlight any obstacles or adequately illuminate the areas where users could slip.

Just for the lighting of spa and swimming pools we have many products, such as the line Light Flex Mini Line IP65-68, which allows the use also in immersion.

In addition, the ASI304 steel of our profiles can be used for models dedicated to installation both in salt and chlorinated water environments.

In fact, exposure to water will not cause any alteration over time, maintaining the functionality of the product properly.

Relaxation areas and massage rooms

These real temples of calm, are often equipped with beds on which to rest or where to undergo a pleasant massage.

The light should be as indirect and tenuous as possible.

To achieve this result you will go to use Leds with a warm temperature in order to make it almost ‘soft’ the light source.

Reception and corridors

The reception is a real ‘business card’; in fact it plays an emotional role on the customer greatly affecting the first impression that may have of the company.

It will therefore be necessary to have lights that make the environment very bright and welcoming avoiding the shadow points and inserting the backlight in the positions of the reception staff.

Even the corridors will have to be well lit, reminding us that the Leds used should not conflict with those, perhaps weaker, used for other areas if there are no doors or partition panels that separate the different environments.

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