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LED lighting for stations

Service stations began to spread in Italy at the beginning of 1900 with the introduction of the first fuel dispensers. At first they were very rudimentary areas with different characteristics.

Over the years and the evolution of these places of transit and refueling, they have slowly begun to follow a standardization in the constructions dictated also by the multinational oil companies.

Despite the changes, an element that will remain essential in any station will be the characteristic night lighting.

Since they are open all night and, above all, are often located on fast-flowing roads, they must be clearly visible to motorists even from long distances.

  • stazioni
  • stazioni di servizio

What better opportunity then to take advantage of our led solutions for service stations and make themselves visible to as many customers as possible?

When we at Led Italy approach the led lighting system design for fuel service areas we always take into account the fact that this type of construction requires different solutions for each variety of structures present within the areas of stopover.

When it comes to petrol stations, in fact, many people simply think only of the external areas used for refuelling.

Although this simplification could be good for the first buildings built, nowadays a good lighting project will have to implement the planning of the different buildings that now make up most of the stations: dining areas, bar and sale to the public, toilets and parking areas.

LED lighting solutions for stations made by Led Italy

A cosy station
furnished with light
stazioni di servizio

Bars and shops

In these environments where people will stop for a stop, you will need to employ lights that give comfort and tranquility.

Installations may be used by means of ceiling lights or suspended above the bar counter with values not too high, which are around 300 lux, so as to recreate a relaxing space in which the driver will be able to refresh himself before getting back on the road.

In case there are also food counters, such as the classic showcase with sandwiches, cold foods etc. can be placed bars with LED strips that highlight the freshness of the foods on display.



Although these rooms are used temporarily, even the lighting will have to make them cozy and clean.

It will be necessary to pay particular attention not to fall into the error of using artificial lights too strong; in fact, the walls of the bathrooms in addition to presenting mirrors are often tiled, a factor which makes them reflective to light and therefore potentially dazzling to the eyes of the users.

Thanks to well-positioned and dimensioned led lights it will be possible to create pleasant but not blinding spaces.

In addition, as is often the case in these areas, to reduce costs and optimize consumption, it will be possible to use light management systems equipped with sensors that detect the presence of people.

Outdoor area and parking

Led lighting for stations will be focused in a timely manner in these spaces dedicated to refuelling and parking.

Recessed spotlights on the ceiling will be the most suitable solution to illuminate the square by concentrating the light beam on the sides of the petrol dispensers, focal points for fuel supply.

The use of LED lights is always recommended in these areas because, always maintaining controlled temperatures are able to avoid dangerous combustion.

Very important will also be the light towers to be placed along the perimeter that will have the double purpose of making visible from long distance the service station and illuminate the square and parking during all the night.

Since these spaces are very large, it will be necessary to use artificial light that is of quality and rightly conveyed to avoid waste of light flows.

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