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LED lighting for fairs

Trade fairs are all those events in which companies present their products to the public with the aim of advertising them and above all selling them.

Some of these are held annually and the most famous become an unmissable appointment for all professionals in the industry who want to stay updated on new trends and products.

In these events you consolidate partnership relationships previously built but above all you have the opportunity to get in touch with new potential customers.

Not always the latter know us or are present at the fair just for us, and it is precisely for this reason that our company will have to study all the possible tactics to be used to make itself visible among the crowd of competitors.

We at Led Italy are certain that the use of led lighting for exhibitions and fairs can be among the winning strategies to be noticed in these circumstances.


In these cases it will be very important to make both the interior designer and the light designer work in a profitable way to allow both professionals to find the best combination of furniture and artificial lights suitable for the circumstances.

In fact, factors such as the position of the stand inside the pavilion, general lighting, size and level of crowding, will be changeable according to the characteristics of the assigned location.

Our products such as led strips, recessed lights or retractable spotlights, will be the ideal instrumentation for all professionals such as fitters, architects or interior designers.

LED lighting solutions for Fairs made by Led Italy

A fair of design and
furnished with light

Let’s not forget that the led lighting supply for fairs by Led Italy can also be used to convey the message of our company.

In fact, a carefully studied lighting system can be able to transmit through the exhibition space personality and singularity enhancing the only presence at the exhibition in real communication.

The lighting project can then communicate to the public the identity and positioning of the company or present the products with new solutions.

For example, a new and innovative company could ‘dare’ using RGB led lights with strong and bright colors: these will be particularly suitable to decorate the spaces and build dynamic sceneries composed of variable colors.

Even a dimmable lighting can provide an extra gear to our stand: In fact, it will allow us to adjust the light intensity according to the artificial light already present in the pavilion or also in relation to certain circumstances as moments in which presenters will interact with potential customers.


It will also be essential that our led lighting for fairs is able to provide within the stand a welcoming area in which to interact in relaxation with visitors.

In these spaces it is ideal the installation of a light with a warm color temperature, which can create an atmosphere almost ‘home’ that puts at ease possible customers.

A well-designed artificial light will even make it more enjoyable to listen to a person who exposes the characteristics of a product.

Whatever type of led lighting product you choose, the artificial lights of Led Italy will allow you to set up the stand for the trade fair in a functional and innovative way; Our LED productions will also be able to make you stand out from competitors thanks to creative and emotional solutions.


Another way to attract the attention of visitors will be through the use inside the stand of beams of light that, starting from the bottom, cast shadows on the walls: In fact, this device will capture the eyes of people precisely because normally the human eye is used to seeing the lights coming from above.

If our workstation has special details or a display with products, the accent lighting will be perfect to focus on them the light beam.

Exhibitors, in fact, if well conceived, can influence the purchasing experience of the potential customer.

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  • In LED Italy we have found the right competence and availability that have allowed us to identify exactly the most suitable product in order to realize our projects.
    An attentive professional and well trained staff has followed us from the elaboration of the initial idea to the delivery of the products themselves.
    Thanks to all the staff...let's go on!

    Arch. Paolo Giunta

  • We are satisfied with the products you have made for us and with the flexibility you have applied to the specific requests.

    S. Santinelli

  • The contact with the company was positive right from the start, in terms of assistance and advice in identifying the most suitable product for the application.
    The product is responding well even if a short time has passed since the first installations.

    S. Manicardi

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