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LED lighting for schools

Most of the activities carried out within schools and universities require a large use of sight, often for very long periods of time.

The media used are no longer just books, notebooks and whiteboards of the past; in fact, even in the school field have been implemented solutions that go to exploit the new technologies: tablets, laptops, L.I.M. (or interactive whiteboards multimedia) and projectors just to list a few.

Just to make efficient and less burdensome the use of these devices so as not to strain too much the sight of students and teachers, our supply led lighting for schools and universities will be the winning weapon to use in these contexts.

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Artificial light in classrooms must be able to ensure excellent visual performance and therefore it will be necessary to pay close attention to features such as uniformity of illumination, contrast, glare and color rendering index.

Particularly in buildings such as primary and secondary schools, the led lighting for classrooms will have to consider the additional installation of white Leds configurable both for the direction of the light beam that can be dimensioned according to the surface of the spaces; these solutions are in fact the most adaptable according to the needs that may emerge during the lessons, such as a projection in the classroom or the presentation display.

LED lighting solutions for schools made by Led Italy

A modern school
furnished with light

Institutes and universities

Each institute or university will have its own characteristics that will influence deeply during the realization of the lighting project; for this reason it is not possible to summarize in a single article an accurate analysis of all specific cases.

We at Led Italy can however provide a first range within which to operate, going to analyze what the law allows us to do.

Lighting for school buildings is also examined by the Italian legislative system.

The law in charge of providing the regulations in this regard is the UNI 10840 standard which entered into force in May 2007 and entitled ‘Light and lighting – School premises – General criteria for artificial and natural lighting’.

This law specifies the general criteria to be met by school premises, from the point of view of artificial and natural lighting, to ensure general welfare and safety conditions for both students and other school users.

For specific levels of illumination, however, please refer to the UNI EN 12464-1 on the lighting of interior workplaces.


The main features that led lighting for schools will have to consider more then will be: visual comfort, visual performance and safety.

All these parameters will be used to ensure that the student/ worker can carry out their school activities in a well-being environment as well as in difficult conditions and for long periods of time making sure that artificial lights do not have an influence negative on student safety.

In addition to the artificial lights necessary to ensure calm and serenity, will be mandatory also the appropriate emergency lighting and antipanic prescribed by law by the Ministerial Decree of 26 August 1992 % Fire prevention standards for school buildings’.

Following all these guidelines our lighting systems will be the perfect products to ensure a pleasant light that will help students and teachers to stay focused in the learning and explanation phases during the teaching activity.

Natural light in classrooms

As for the temperature of the lights to be used we can refer to some case studies including that carried out in a group of schools in California.

According to this research, daylight would act positively on the behavior of students, improving their well-being and school performance.

It will therefore be extremely important to use in artificial lighting a temperature as similar as possible to the daytime so as to encourage a climate of relaxation and calm even in students with problems of hyperactivity.

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