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LED lighting for hotels and resorts

Led lighting for hotel facilities, as well as being very important from the point of view of energy saving, is undoubtedly also fundamental for the aesthetics and functionality of accommodation companies.

Often the owners ask us what type of lighting would be better to install to attract the largest number of customers; Led Italy likes to reply by explaining that there is no single answer to this question.

Our experienced technicians will analyze together with the owners what is the customer target that they will want to attract in their structure.

  • Hotel e Strutture Alberghiere
  • 190723 Sheraton Lake Como Hotel ©S.Anzini_Hi_1


As an example, characteristic lights that can give originality and uniqueness to the environment will be much loved by customers who fall into the age range between 18 and 35 years; this type of users in fact use the internet and social networks for the exchange of information, places and advice about holidays, travel and activities often through the sharing in real time of photos and images of places visited.

It is therefore not strange that if a photo taken at a hotel with a very characteristic environment and with a sought-after lighting were to become viral, it could make a free wide-ranging advertising, even greater than the traditional word of mouth.

LED lighting solutions for hotels and resorts made by Led Italy

An elegant hotel
furnished with light
Hotel Principe di Savoia

Lighting design

These two examples on different targets explain why we at Led Italy prefer to plan a careful initial analysis, especially linked to the needs of the customer, when we approach the provision of the led lighting design service for hotels.

Another recent attitude on which it is good to make the necessary assessments also concerns the ecological impact of the accommodation.

In fact, both Italian and foreign travelers, are proving more and more attentive to the ‘green look’ of their holidays.

There is a real trend that leads to the choice of realities attentive to environmental sustainability; in recent years it may happen that if visitors are led to have to choose between two accommodation facilities at equal cost, They will by far prefer a hotel that pays attention to environmental policies.

Indeed, sometimes the sustainable structure will be rewarded compared to competitors while being even more expensive.

This preference shows how our LED lights for eco-sustainable lighting design can be the best choice both in terms of savings and marketing for your structure.

Hotel Vista Mare

In the last analysis it is good to remember that the attention to lighting should not be directed only to the interior of the accommodation.

Even the facade of hotels and hotels can become a real business card that will make the business attractive in the eyes of customers. This is why we at Led Italy also supply among our products the hotel facade lighting.

An installation much in demand in this type of structures are the classic LED wall lamps positioned laterally with respect to the entrance door.

It will also be appropriate to place outdoor LED spotlights with the luminous flux facing the walls in order to highlight the architecture.

If there are balconies in the facade you could create a backlit effect by placing LED strips under the ledge.

Thanks to an accent lighting instead will channel the light beam on architectural details that will emphasize some prominent aesthetic details.

Contract for hotel

If your regular customers have a higher average age, they may not be interested in this type of contract hotel lighting, searching for the most uniform and classic artificial lights.

In this case it will be preferable to stick to elegant, simple and clean solutions that integrate easily with the architectural design of the room and the various rooms of the hotel.

The lighting will have to follow a functional and at the same time aesthetic canon to the limit of minimalism, presenting at the same time elegant and suggestive.

In short, for each type of customer will need a corresponding lighting system.

Hotel Belgio
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