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LED lighting for hospitals

Hospitals and nursing homes are structures that need a lighting project realized with criteria, since in these areas artificial lights will have to be able to provide maximum visual comfort making it easy and well organized the daily life of all users: doctors, nurses but especially patients.

The first two groups will have as their priority concentration and a high threshold of attention, for the others will need a relaxing and comfortable environment.

With our led lighting systems for sanitary facilities, we at Led Italy will try to meet both needs.


In these structures, light also contributes to the improvement of patients’ health and a faster recovery.

Unfortunately most of them are sometimes temporarily confined inside hospitals, without having the possibility to go outside; in these cases artificial lighting will play a very important role: the more it will be similar to the natural one and the more benefits you will have on the patients.

They have as their primary need a sense of security that makes them feel cared for; a quality light will help to instill in these people tranquility and security.

LED lighting solutions for hospitals made by Led Italy

A cozy hospital
furnished with light

But in addition to the functional component, an led lighting for medical and health care will also have to consider the emotional aspect and the biological effect that it can have on people.

Light in fact greatly influences the production of melatonin, a hormone crucial for the regulation of sleep/wake rhythm. When the luminous stimulus reaches the retina in fact its secretion is inhibited, the darkness instead will stimulate its release.

Unfortunately, the loss of contact with daylight typically occurs in patients admitted to hospitals, affecting their well-being.

Especially older people who do not see enough light will tend to sleep less at night, thus being more confused and disoriented during the day.

Studies show that this type of phenomenon is unfortunately accentuated especially with patients of Alzheimer’s and senile dementia. In these contexts it is therefore advisable to use LED lights with high luminous power, reaching up to 1500 Luz.

A further strategy when led lighting design for hospitals is to use the colors that follow the trend of natural light; a warm tone then in the morning or evening to generate more relaxation, while a blue light in the middle of the day to stimulate and encourage movement.

This type of treatment will have numerous benefits, especially in the elderly, by stimulating the production of melatonin in the evening and thus allowing him to sleep better.

All this will also affect their mood making them more active and communicative.

Good professional lighting in the health sector will also be effective in intermediate or intensive care departments. In fact, although perceived at sub-unconscious level, a high quality light will still favor a regular biological rhythm, without forgetting that even the most sterile rooms will earn a welcoming note.

A final important note will be made on waiting rooms, places where people are often emotionally under tension. To try to dampen this tension you can resort to cold lights, tending to blue.

According to several studies in fact, this type of coloring would be able to reduce negative sensations by helping the body in relaxation.

Led lighting design for hospitals will have to take into account all the needs of patients in order to promote and improve their living conditions.

As these people grow older, their eyesight worsens dramatically as it increases their sensitivity to glare.
It is precisely in these cases that good lighting can be of help by taking note of these disadvantages that may also be reflected in the motor field.

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