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BarCelona Cocktail Bar

New Project – BarCelona Cocktail Bar Lighting

We are thrilled to announce the completion of our latest lighting project at the BarCelona Cocktail Bar in Carmagnola (TO). We have worked diligently to create a welcoming and unique atmosphere, using a combination of high quality LED Italy products. In this article, we’ll explore your lighting choices and the amazing results you get.

The Enchanting Ceiling

For the ceiling lighting, we chose the L201 profile with LINEA LUCE 18 1800K. The result is extraordinary thanks to the black anodized profile and the smoked cover, which add a touch of modernity and sophistication to the environment. Furthermore, we have introduced a dynamic element using the L201 profile with LINEA LUCE 18 RED, creating a spectacular deep red light effect.

Custom Hexagons

The hexagons, made as a custom product, feature a combination of both profiles mentioned above. Two parallel lines give a unique and captivating design, making the hexagons not only a source of light, but also a decorative element of great impact.

Bright Niches

To illuminate the niches, we opted for the Italy LF01 3000K LED spotlight, guaranteeing a clear and warm light. This choice helps to highlight the elements displayed in the niches, creating an atmosphere of great visual impact.

Brilliant counter

The stage behind the counter, used as a bottle holder, was illuminated with the L103 profile with LINEA LUCE 18 1800K. Maintaining the coherence of the black and smoked aesthetic, this solution adds a touch of elegance to the counter, transforming it into a central and visually appealing element.

Elegant shop windows

Finally, the windows were enriched with the L201 profile with LINEA LUCE 18 1800K. This choice added a touch of elegance, highlighting the display details in a refined way. The shop windows now become not only containers of products, but real design elements.

Final results

The final result is sophisticated and welcoming lighting that enhances the environment of the BarCelona Cocktail Bar. Thanks to the quality and versatility of LED Italy products, we have managed to transform the lighting of the venue into something truly extraordinary. The unique visual experience offered by the new lighting creates a memorable environment for customers, confirming our commitment to excellence in lighting design.

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Our customers says...

In LED Italy we have found the right competence and availability that have allowed us to identify exactly the most suitable product in order to realize our projects.
An attentive professional and well trained staff has followed us from the elaboration of the initial idea to the delivery of the products themselves.
Thanks to all the staff...let's go on!

Arch. Paolo Giunta

We are satisfied with the products you have made for us and with the flexibility you have applied to the specific requests.

S. Santinelli

The contact with the company was positive right from the start, in terms of assistance and advice in identifying the most suitable product for the application.
The product is responding well even if a short time has passed since the first installations.

S. Manicardi

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